Mr. David Wester

Hive removed after local attacked

Last week, local Marlin resident David Wester had to have a rather large bee hive removed from his property.

After a swarm of bees aggressively attacked Wester, causing enough damage to send him to the hospital for the stings and pain.

David Wester never saw the attack from the bees coming and is usually ready for just about anything.

In these parts of the south it is not uncommon, even in Marlin to come across spiders, bees, wasps, snakes, ants, etc. especially while performing a task such as mowing your lawn.

The noise and vibration alone is enough to get the nasty little pests up and moving around.

However, in this case it turned out to be a complete surprise to Mr. Wester. For the most part mowing his property was going rather smoothly until he went over his water meter. It was then that he discovered a hive hiding out under the cover for the meter. Once he rode over the cover it all happened so fast.

Mr. Wester stated that it was like a big black cloud coming directly at him from the ground, also stating that initially he thought them to be crickets coming right at him.

It was not until they began to sting him that he realized what it actually was that was attacking him. Immediately his granddaughter came rushing to the rescue, water hose in tow to spray the angry swarm away from her grandfathers’ direction.

Though it turned out to be only a minor injury, the pain was enough to send Wester directly to the hospital where the nurses pulled out a total of 24 stingers from his head, neck and arms.

The following day, he wasted no time in contacting TrigBee’s Bee Removal Service from Riesel, to come out and remove the hive from his property. According to owner, Sara Trigleth, “Killer Bees have given all honey bees a bad rap. Most of the time when honeybees attack you it is because they have been disturbed. They are just protecting their home.”

The entire removal process only took a few days, according to TrigBee’s, his property should now be completely bee free, which means he can now work in his yard without the worry of something like this happening again.

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