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Falls CAD Informal Reviews and ARB Hearings held virtually

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Falls County Appraisal District will be handling informal reviews by email and telephone correspondence only. Appraisal Review Board hearings will be held by telephone only. There will not be any face-to-face informals or ARB protest hearings. The following are procedures for informal reviews and the ARB protest process:

Providing Information or documentation - Provide contracts, comparable sales data, appraisals, loan documents, repair estimates, photographs and any other relevant information. If you are unable to scan and email your documentation or evidence, documentation can be left in the drop box provided outside of the Appraisal District Office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Name, telephone number and property id (account number) must be provided on your documentation. 

After Informally Reviewing - The appraiser will choose one of two actions: 1. Change the appraised value based on a review of the appraisal (including information & documents you provided); or 2. Make no change to the original appraisal. 

After receiving the appraiser’s action, property owners can choose one of two options: 1. Agree with the change the appraiser made to the appraised value; 2. Disagree with the decision the appraiser made and decide whether or not to file a written protest for a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board. 

Protest Deadline - The usual protest deadline is 30 days after the notice of appraised value was mailed and exact dates are printed on each appraisal notice. You may email, mail or drop off your notice of protest in the drop box that is located outside of the appraisal office. 

If you have not received a response to an informal review before the protest deadline, contact Falls CAD either by email or telephone.

Delivery of  written protest must be postmarked on or before the protest deadline to reserve your rights to an Appraisal Review Board hearing. If protests are received through the drop box, staff will stamp your written protest with the day of receival. An informal review does not reserve your rights to an ARB hearing.

ARB HEARINGS - The Appraisal Review Board will notify you of the date, time of your scheduled telephone conference hearing.

Mailed protests should be sent to Falls County Appraisal District, 403 Craik St., Marlin, TX 76661. The drop box is located there as well. To contact Falls CAD, call (254) 883-2543, email info@fallscad.net, or head to www.fallscad.net to find the appropriate party’s email address under the “Organization” tab.

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