Coach Nobles played in the Coaches vs. Seniors basketball game at Marlin High School.


Edward Timms had an award winning school year at Marlin High


Last season, the Marlin Bulldogs Bantam Little League football team pulled off several different accomplishments.


the name of Fleming was working in his field one day when he heard a cry coming from a nearby swamp. Immediately he dropped his tools and rushed toward the sound of the cries.

Sam Snead was determined to beat the Texan, who only the week before had embarrassed him at the U.S. Open, in the final round of the Western Open on Jun.14, 1937.

I could hear the wails of Jet (the momma cat) and her five kittens through the front door. I had some “stale” cat food available so I thought I’d put it on a paper plate and slide it out the door.


This was the first official meeting for new Mayor John Keefer, as well as the newly elected council members Susan Bryd, Curtis Smith and Terence McDavid.

Aspin, Kynleigh and Kalli Mattair are about to have a great summer. The finders of one of the winning tickets that garnered the family 4 free passes to Schlitterbahn Waterparks.

For 60 plus years, the city of Mooreville has celebrated the Fourth of July in amazing Texas style fashion.

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