The Marlin Bulldogs boys basketball team is in the midst of finding their game after a long football season.

The Marlin Lady Bulldogs had a week of split results in their basketball games as they went 3-3.

Following a rather easy win against the ladies of Avalon in their home opener, the Chilton Pirates will be heading over to Hubbard for some tournament action.


Of all the things you should wish and work for in life, finding happiness should be at the top of your list. It is the or at least should be the ultimate goal in one’s life.

It used to be there were places where we all felt safe but in recent years there has been so much violence in the most unlikely of places that there doesn’t seem to any such thing as a safe haven a

Each week pick the winner of each game listed in the advertising and write your answers in the spaces provided in the form.


In a recent article it was announced the Marlin Police Chief and his officers would be hosting a special meet and greet at the local Snowflakes Donuts Shop.

When you see a gang of bikers, or hear the phrase “biker”, you may automatically assume the worst.

The Falls County Sheriff’s Department recently acquired an addition to their vehicle collection in the form of a Hummer, which led to many residents of Falls County wondering and pondering as to wh

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