Rotary Club introduces Maggie Majors

Special to the Marlin Democrat

Maggie Majors is vivacious, talented, and dedicated; she is a Rotarian!

Ms. Majors’ finds the most interesting part of her vocation has been working in education, as well as being a volunteer/advocate working in organizations such as Parents Teacher's Student Association (PTSA) and National Black Child Development Institute (NBDCI), Social Services/Nurses Association (name a few) that focused on academic accomplishments, social and healthcare issues and parental involvement in their children education.  Her motto is: Home + School = Success.  

 The role as a professional in our community that makes her an active contributor to Rotary International is her enjoyment in meeting and working with people of all backgrounds. Rotary International is such an organization.  The diversity is expansive and the interaction with the different people that she meets adds vivacity.

How did Ms. Majors become a Rotarian? She was invited to a meeting and stayed. Her involvement, she found, allowed her to broaden her horizons. She has attended numerous trainings, worked on numerous committees, and experienced the intensive training of President.  Helping people is what Ms. Majors truly enjoys.

As Rotary’s newest member, Ms. Majors contributes to the Rotary Club of Marlin, Texas, her time and she remarks, “at the end of the day, that is what life is all about. Time is the one thing that we can somewhat control, I believe. One may not have tons and tons of money but think about the time we volunteer to help someone who needs it the most or just take time to listen to a child read.  And, it is like our grandparents told us, to always use our time wisely.”

Of course, being amongst Rotarians, meeting people, having lunch and dessert is an integral part of her delightful experience.

Ms. Majors expounded, “As a senior Rotarian once stated in reference to the seven areas or principles: working on the international levels are fine but there comes a time when we must look closer to home and pay attention to these problems as well.  Things that are happening globally are oftentimes occurring right here (at home) under our noses.  He's right.”

To Ms. Majors, education has always been first, a foremost entity. She believes that it can be woven into Youth Leadership Training, as well as into health and financial needs of women and children.

Finally, for Ms. Majors, there's nothing like the joy of traveling and meeting other Rotarian's in other cities and towns. Rotary Club International is pleased to welcome Maggie Majors!


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