• Renee Swann for Congress
    Renee Swann for Congress

Swann Vastly Outraises Sessions With In-District Donors

Maintains Cash-On-Hand Advantage Over Sessions; Nearly 25% of Sessions’ Donations Are Used to Pay Criminal Defense Attorneys

Waco, TX: With the April FEC quarterly reports (covering 2/13/20 – 3/31/20) now publicly available, some clear distinctions are being seen in fundraising and spending for the 17th Congressional District Runoff between small-business owner and longtime Waco resident, Renee Swann, and carpet-bagging, North Dallas career politician, Pete Sessions.

  • Swann is the In-District Favorite - Renee Swann dominated in-district donations: over $89,000 raised by Swann to only $17,000 raised by Sessions.
  • Swann Holds More Cash - Renee Swann leads in Cash-On-Hand with $131,212.32 vs $92,712.22 for Sessions.
  • Sessions’ Donors Pay for His Legal Problems - Sessions continues to pay huge amounts to criminal defense attorneys.  Since Sessions announced his run for the 17th District (10/3/19), he has paid $82,589.68 to criminal defense attorneys in Dallas and Washington, D.C. to deal with his legal troubles.  Having only managed to raise approximately $345,000 in donations – nearly 25% of all donations to Sessions pay for his legal bills.  In Q4 2019, Sessions paid his criminal defense attorneys $72,589.68 and made his latest payment of $10,000 on 2/19/20.
  • Sessions is Propped up By Washington, D.C. PACs – Without the $90,000 Sessions raked in from Washington, D.C. PACs, his Cash-On-Hand would be near $0.

“A number of things about the 17th Congressional District Republican Runoff are very clear now.  Renee Swann is vastly favored by the donors who live, work, run businesses, and have made their lives in Central Texas and the Brazos Valley,” said Michael Blair, Swann’s Campaign Manager. “Meanwhile, Pete Sessions continues to use donors to pay for his on-going legal difficulties and without support from D.C. PACs, Pete’s campaign would be over."

Full April Quarterly (February 13 - March 31) FEC Reports:

For more information, contact:  Michael Blair, Campaign Manager, M_Blair@alumni.baylor.edu, (480) 244-2857

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