Wrapped in the Spirit of Christmas

Special to the Marlin Democrat

Amidst a myriad of different Rotary Club activities, a Christmas parade is a new No. 1. The Marlin Christmas Parade 2020 theme was “Spirit Of Christmas.” It was fitting that the small trailer was wrapped with a wide red ribbon, huge bow at the end, lights, Christmas tree, and the candy canes which when turned symbolize the “J” for Jesus. Christmas music sounded from the truck. All represented the gift of the Spirit of Christmas: JOY, PEACE, and LOVE.

Catherine Lillian Parrott drove Estep’s “Little Red” truck which pulled the float, exhibiting the Marlin Rotary Club banner on its driver side rear door. Seated on hay bales in the float were Kurt Rutz, Jimmy Lynn, and Letitia Estep, ambassadors of what the Rotary stands for: Service Beyond Self.

As Jimmy Lynn tossed candy (athletically accurate and away to keep children from approaching vehicles) and Rotarians shared hand waves with the glorious greeting of Merry Christmas, this author witnessed the jubilant faces of the children from young to high school and of the parents who brought them. It was a sight to see: hundreds of people lining the creatively outlined trek through streets of Marlin.  There was even the occasional bleep from within the float, “Submit your application for scholarships!” Marlin Rotary Club’s float entry was awarded Second Place.

It’s a labor of love. Rotarians love their community, the little one close by and the greater one without. It looks forward to next year, its many projects to help, fundraisers, scholarship awards, and, yes, the Christmas Parade and loads of Christmas candy for our young ones.

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