Stray animal problems addressed by residents

A group of concerned citizens in Falls County held a community meeting to speak with area animal advocates to learn about the options available for small towns with limited resources in the animal control area.

This comes after years of feeling frustrated with the way that the City of Rosebud, City of Marlin, and Falls County have handled stray animals. Some grievances expressed include the lack of adoption fees, dislike of the kill-shelter aspect, and the lack of communication between the different entities in charge of the process. In attendance were members of Marlin Animal Rescue Society (MARS), Cribs for Canines, and the Humane Society of Central Texas At Waco, along with local animal lovers.

“I’m not from Falls County but I drove here and I brought resources with me, I hope they accept it,” Michelle Ann, of Cribs for Canines, told interviewers from KWTX Channel 10 that evening. “They need help, they’re very limited on help.”

The animal activist has had a specially vested interest in Falls County animals after discovering a dog that had been left in the Marlin Police Department Offices over Thanksgiving weekend back in late November. She was in the process of trying to set up a free animal-chipping clinic in Falls County, but decided the area also needed additional resources. Organizers were disappointed that the above named local entities were not at the meeting, as they were hoping to collaborate directly with officials in order to eventually change the system currently in place. The fact that the meeting lacked officials further inspired supporters to demand change, especially after being seemingly receptive thus far of anything being donated. Residents, unnamed, were also called out on Facebook, after the meeting was held, due to lack of attendance despite the large following and support shown in the weeks before the meeting.

“There was approximately seven of us from Marlin at the meeting last night offering to be fosters, volunteers, learning, supporting and getting much needed information,” said Terri Westmoreland, a Marlin animal advocate that attended the meeting. “Yes seven, not the number we were hoping for.”

She said representatives from Cribs for Canines, Central Texas Lost and Found Pets (a Facebook page advocating for lost and found animals) and possibly the Humane Society of Central Texas will be at the upcoming Marlin City Council on Jan. 14, with intentions of speaking.

MARS will hold their monthly meeting on Jan. 13 at the Bucksnort Saloon (275 Live Oak Street) in Marlin at 6 p.m. Officers encourage anyone who wants to help tackle the ongoing problems faced by these animals everyday. There are many opportunities to help, from fostering to volunteering to walk dogs.There will be a discussion on the stray problem, resources, fundraising, and much more. If you are a concerned citizen of Falls County, contact Marlin Animal Rescue Society – MARS on Facebook, reach out to local representatives, attend the next city council meeting, and help make a differences in the lives of animals in your communities.

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