Falls County primary results mimic national and state numbers

Falls County voters had their chance to vote in the primary election for November’s Presidential Election on March 3, along with the early voting period beforehand. 

Of 10,095 registered voters within county limits, 2,505 gave their input for the presidential nominees.

Republican results from Falls County nearly mirrors results found at both the state and national levels. 

President Trump has the most votes within the Republican party, at all levels, which is typical of an incumbent candidate. 

95.9 percent of republican voters in Falls County gave him their vote, while 2.6 percent were uncommitted as of yet, and less than one percent of county republicans went for Joe Walsh or Roque De La Fuente. 

There were a total of 1,671 votes for Donald Trump and 1,742 republican votes within Falls County.

Texas-wide results found similar numbers, with 3.6 percent of voters uncommitted, and 94.1 percent pledged to Trump. Weld and Walsh both received less than one percent of state votes.

Of 2,007,314 republican votes within the state, 1,889,006 went to Trump.

These candidates need 1276 delegates to win the nomination. Texas has a total of 155 delegates available for the party.

In 2016, Ted Cruz received 104, while Donald trump received only 48. 

Of the 833 total nominations received by Trump thus far, 117 of those are from Texas. Bill Weld is the only other person on the republican ticket with a single delegate nomination, received from Iowa.

Nationally, full numbers results are not available, as not all states have had their primary election.

Democratic results mimic but do not exactly mirror the closeness of the race found at other levels.

There were 725 democratic voters in Falls County for the primary. 

48.1 percent of those voters supported previous United States Vice President Joe Biden, while 21.5 percent of voters went for Mike Bloomberg. Bernie Sanders fell just below Bloomberg, with 19.2 percent of the votes. Elizabeth Warren came in short with only 5.9 percent of votes.

There were 349 votes for Biden and 156 for Sanders within Falls County.

At both the national and state levels, the results show that Biden and Sanders much closer than Falls county results suggest.

Within Texas, 34.5 percent of votes went to Biden, while 30 percent went to Sanders. Bloomberg received 298,262 votes, at 14.4 percent, while Warren received 237,028, at 11.4 percent.

Of 2,075,662 statewide democratic votes, 716,030 went to Joe Biden and 622,360 went to Bernie Sanders.

Democrats need 1991 delegates to win the presidential nomination, 228 of which are up for grabs in Texas. 

Bloomberg and Warren gathered more than 60 delegates each before their departure, but it was announced shortly after the primary that they would each be dropping out of the race.

Joe Biden currently has 670 delegates, 111 of which are from Texas. 102 of Texas’ delegate nominations went to Sanders, who has 574 overall.

Texas is one of only ten states that require candidates to receive half the total number of votes, plus one, to qualify for nomination during the primary election. This is called a runoff election. It seems that Trump and Biden have both effectively won the hearts of Texas voters, each of them winning the state, though other state races have deemed a runoff necessary.

Runoff elections will be held Tuesday, May 26. 

These results may have changed since the time of publication, as the primary is ongoing. It began on Feb 3 with the Iowa Caucus. Nationally, the primary election will end in early June, after the Virgin Island Democratic Caucus and the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary.

The November election will commence with early voting on Monday, Oct. 19 until Friday, Oct. 30. Election day is Nov. 3. The last day to register to vote in the national election is Monday, October 5, 2020. 

The information presented was obtained from the Falls County Election Office, Vote Texas, and USA Today’s Live 2020 Presidential Primary Election Results Tracker.


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