Instruction and Nutrition for MISD: What’s Next?

MISD Deemed “Closed with Instruction”

After last week’s Board of Managers meeting, it was announced that Marlin ISD is officially operating under a  “Closed with Instruction” state. 

In accordance with Governor Greg Abbott’s order, Marlin ISD will be closed until April 6, but may be closed longer, due to the Marlin Mayor Carolyn Lofton’s state of disaster proclamation. It states that the City of Marlin is forbidden from gatherings of more than 10 people until April 16, 2020. 

Online Classrooms (via Google Classrooms) have been established for Marlin High School and most Marlin Junior Academy students. Printed copies of instruction are available for students lacking internet access at home and as of now, MES will be instructing via printed options only. Packets will be available for students beginning Monday, March 23, along with nutrition services. 

These instructional packets will vary by grade level and will also contain information pertaining to how parents can receive extra support in furthering their child’s education. 

Instruction will cover common core, music, physical education, health, and/or art. The learning objectives covered will be the information that educators would be teaching if students were physically in class, rather than just activities and busy work. These packets are expected to be returned, as the district may be subject to speculation once. 

“We believe that when it comes time, we will need to show that we did deliver instruction and that students participated,” Dr. Jean Bahney, MISD Interim Superintendent, said.

Packets can be turned in for daily or weekly feedback. They are to be turned in at the nutrition and packet pick up locations. Students using Google Classrooms will have constant support from teachers, some of whom have learned the system specifically to continue the education of Marlin kids during this time.

Marlin ISD will be distributing free Grab ‘N Go Meals for breakfast and lunch to all students starting Monday, March 23, from 8-9:15 a.m. These will be available Monday through Friday for the duration of the current state of crisis.

The system will separate pick up times and locations by PARENT’S last name:

  • Students with parent's last name starting with A- L may pick up meals at Elementary 

  • Students with parent's last name starting with M-Z may pick up meals at Junior High

Meals for both breakfast and lunch will be distributed curbside at the same time, along with packets for elementary school children and others who request them. No one will be allowed to eat on site.

Parent’s are encouraged to bring their students with them to pick up for the first few days, as the district is awaiting response from the Texas Education Commissioner concerning whether all students must be present to receive nutrition services. This may be mandatory, pending the decision.

According to the website, bus riders can pick up  meals from their normal pickup location. Distribution will start Monday, March 23, at 8 a.m. until all deliveries are completed.

There are still many unknowns surrounding the situation. Bahney is in contact with TEA and Education Commissioner Mike Morath daily and is available to answer any questions.

The Marlin ISD Website and the Marlin ISD Facebook page both have links to a google doc for submitting general questions. The answers to already asked questions can be found at the MISD FAQ/News Page

Bahney is also available for individualized questions, or questions not meant for the public eye, by emailing her at

“Marlin ISD has really taken this seriously,” Bahney said. 

The additional week of Spring Break was used to gather supplies, information pertaining to student’s tech capabilities, educating staff, and all-round preparation in order to have a system in place that will work from the beginning for as long as deemed necessary. The district is thinking long term and will not stop educating the students of Marlin through the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have a system that we believe will continue to the end of school if we have to,” Bahney said. “Not that we will, but if we need to go that long, the system is there.” 

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