Marlin ISD shows improvement across the board

“You can see how close we are to our 60% that we want across the board.”

After the backlash the district received from the community over the distribution of a letter to parents speaking about Marlin I.S.D. accreditation status, it was expected that there would be a full room for the Board of Directors meeting on Feb 26; there was not. During that meeting, the Directors heard about a number of strides being made across the district, along with considering a few necessary agenda items.

Beginning at the elementary level, the data shown by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Remy Godfrey showed levels of improvement across all the lower grades, in comparison to data from earlier this school year.

“We don't have last year to compare it to,” stated Interim Superintendent Dr. Jean Bahney.

This is the first year that math statistics have been tracked for grades K-2, so there is now baseline data for years to come.

Grades 3-5 also showed improvement. Dr. Godfrey showed the directors statistics from a benchmark recently given to students.

“This is the first time that they did a full released benchmark, third, fourth, and fifth grade, for math and reading,” the educator explained.

According to Dr. Bahney, there were benchmark exams conducted in the fall, but the test given recently was more STAAR-like. She explained to attendees that the previous tests had been created by the teachers for each unit taught, but that this full test was geared towards year-long objectives.

Marlin Elementary School has implemented tutoring options after school for those students who need it, along with revamping the writing program for fourth graders to expand their comprehension and composition skills.

Marlin Junior Academy is making large strides as well. As shown by Principal Patti Ward, statistics across all three grade levels are rising steadily.

Dr. Ward gave graphs that compared the data in each subject with the previous couple month’s data in order to visually show the progress made.

“Many of the objectives listed here have not been covered yet,” she explained to the board. “You can see how close we are to our 60% that we want across the board.”

Board member Danny Vickers asked if the data was shared with the students making the achievements, to which he was given a prompt answer of yes.

Principal Pamela Thomas spoke on the improvements seen across the grades taking STAAR tests. 

She explained that some of the initiatives being implemented include both in-school and Saturday STAAR boot camps. 

The educator also spoke about a survey given to eighth through twelfth graders asking their opinions about the election options to be given for the next school year. 

Of 65 eighth graders, 54 responded. 43 of 58 freshmen responded to the survey, while 36 of 59 sophomores did. 31 out of 48 juniors responded to the survey as well. 

The Board of Directors also voted to rescind the board’s previous authorization to Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Pursuant to Section 34.051 of the Texas Tax Code.

The agreement gave The City of Marlin the right to resell tax foreclosed property within the Marlin I.S.D. tax district for less than the market value specified in the judgment of foreclosure or less than the total amount of the judgments against the property. Rescinding the decision means that the school district will now hold control for their share of these types of sales. 

There was a closed session scheduled to consider and discuss teacher contracts for the Falls County Education Coop, but it was cancelled due to lack of candidacy. 

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