MISD teachers compensated amidst crisis

A resolution was brought before the Board of Managers for Marlin ISD during their monthly meeting regarding employee compensation during periods of school closure and granting the interim superintendent certain authority related to employee duty days and compensation. 

Interim Superintendent Dr. Jean Bahney read portions of the resolution aloud to virtual and physical attendees. 

“...Marlin ISD may be required to close its schools from time to time…” she read. “And the Board of Managers finds a public purpose exists for compensating Marlin ISD employees for lost work during the period of time.”

The resolution documents that teachers may be staying home due to an emergency situation and should be paid their normal rate as they continue to move the adolescent community forward through this health safety crisis. Teachers have been notified that they may be contacted at night and therefore may be working outside their normal hours.

It does not exempt the failure to report to duty if needed.

The resolution also gives Bahney authority concerning altering the school calendar as needed, awarding premium pay to employees who go above and beyond, and which departments are needed on site day by day.

Members of the nutrition department, custodial staff, and the transportation department are working on-site during this time. 

Because teachers are still working from home and their salaries have already been budgeted for, continuing to compensate district staff lays no additional burden. If overtime is needed by hourly employees on-site, it is possible to request reimbursement through FEMA, according to Bahney.

With no contest or discussion, Danny VIckers made the motion to accept the resolution, seconded by Byrleen Terry. The motion carried unanimously.

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