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Active COVID-19 cases double in Falls County

The total number of coronavirus cases has increased by only 20 percent in the last week, but the number of active cases has doubled. On Monday Sept. 14, Falls County had 26 active cases but there are more than 50 cases now. 

The county has had a total of 223 cases, with 164 recovered so far. Two deaths were recorded this week, adding to the previous three. One person passed on Aug. 29, the other on Sept. 1. Fatalities do not show up on the dashboard immediately, but when they do, the data dates back to the date of death. 

Both of these new deaths in Falls County were added to the DSHS dashboard within the past week. 

Despite having a later start to the COVID “ surge,” Limestone County is currently looking at nearly double the total, active cases, as well as the number of fatalities.

A thing to note would be that Falls and Limestone Counties had an additional 40-ish cases recorded in the past week. Limestone only had an eight percent increase in total cases, up to 556. Limestone has a substantially larger number of active cases - 104. There are 439 recovered cases so far, with 10 deaths. Limestone only hit double digit deaths in the past week.

This could be attributed to the population difference between the two counties, which is a ratio of nearly 5:1.

Robertson and Milam Counties both had an additional 20 cases this past week, bringing Milam up to 483 total cases, and and Roberston up to 292. Milam County had 463 recovered cases on Monday, Sept. 21, with 15 active. This is the least number of active cases in the four named counties. Robertson had 248 recoveries, with 40 active cases. Milam has had five deaths and Robertson has recorded four. 

The State has surpassed 15,000 deaths total, topped only by New Jersey and New York State. 

Texas is expected to hit 700,000 total cases within the next week. There have been about 612,000 recoveries and there are about 72,000 active cases currently. There has been a 40,000 increase in cases in the past week, but an increase of only about 2,000 active cases. This will continue to fluctuate as people contract and recover from the virus at different rates.

For more information on coronavirus disease in Falls County and the State of Texas, head to dshs.coronavirus.gov.


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