And the winner is ... Hermetta Paul!

Rotary Club in Marlin sends a big thank you to everyone who participated in Rotary’s Drawing 2022! The fundraiser helps the Rotary Club in Marlin with community service projects.

Congratulations to Hermetta Paul, winner of Rotary’s Drawing 2022. Her $10 ticket won the latest model Microsoft Surface Go 3 – 10.5” touchscreen– Intel Pentium Gold – 4GB Memory - Platinum Tablet with Windows 11, WIFI, and Microsoft Surface Pro Signature keyboard, Surface pen - Platinum, plus Ashton 14” laptop attaché briefcase with padded interior. The package included free 6-month security software.

It was an amazing event! Hermetta entered The Chicken Place meeting room and announced, “I came for my computer.” Rotarian Letitia responded, “Good attitude!” 

Finally, it came time for the drawing. Rotarian Roger Nutt stirred the ticket stubs in a huge, clear plastic bag. Then holding the bag’s end closed tightly, Rotarian Letitia turned the bag upside down and twirled it and the ticket stubs even more. The bag, upright and opened and its sides rolled down a bit, was offered to a guest. She was asked to put her hand in the bag, and after turning her head away, to swoosh the stubs again! When asked to grab one while still looking away, she did and drew - you got it - Hermetta’s name! 

Rotarians say, “Rotarian Hermetta, congratulations and thank you for participating and for always supporting Rotary’s efforts in Marlin!”


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