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School Board members with Superintendent Michael Seabolt discuss a possible plan that could help improve the student’s progression.

Board enters school year with focus on student improvement

The TEA appointed Board of Managers are entering into there first full year at Marlin Independent School District.

They will go into this year with nothing but student progression as their main focus point.

During the school board meeting on Tuesday, September 19, the board agreed to four different improvement plans.

There will be a plan in place for each campus as well as one for the district as a whole.

Not only did the board approve the implementation of these plans but they also voted on the purchase of Chrome Book computers for all of the middle school students. The cost for these Chrome Book computers will equal out to about $53,289.00.

Marlin ISD will also enter into a contractual agreement with the Region 12 Education Service Center to receive better-rounded development and training.

If the improvement plan works the way it is supposed to it could improve state assessment scores by up to four percent.

In the middle school for example the plan will be focused on the areas of science, math, reading and writing.

The district plans to perform assessments based on this curriculum every three weeks, monitor the student’s progress, report plans to the principals, and they will also have administrators figure out the strengths and weaknesses.

Students will also have the new Chrome Books to help them with their reading and math skills.

They plan for the Primary Academy to focus mostly on math, reading and writing with similar methods to the Junior Academies plan.

There is also going to be somewhat of a focus on behavior intervention to help minimize bad behavior from the students with a goal of dropping the percentage by at least 20%.

Teachers will also begin to be held accountable for some of their negative behavior towards the students as well.

Despite the strides the district has taken over the last six years to improve the district they still have some work to do.

If the new plans that are going to be put in place then this next year could be the best that the district has seen in some time.

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