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Commerce Street renamed BTW Parkway during ceremony

Family, friends, and members of the Booker T. Washington High School Alumni Association gathered at the corner of Live Oak and Commerce Street in Marlin on Aug. 2 for the unveiling of the newly named street. 

Commerce Street is now BTW Parkway in honor of its namesake and the historical Marlin school that was attended by African-American students during the Jim Crow era and prior to the outlawing of segregation within the American school systems. 

The honor of revealing the new street sign went to Marlin’s current Mayor Carolyn Lofton and BTW Alumni Association President Louis McGowan. 

The Annual B.T.W. School Reunion brings hundreds of alumni members from around the globe back to Marlin to celebrate its legacy. B.T.W. Reunion Week significantly impacts Marlin’s tourism economy. 

Lofton said it was an honor to complete the final step that was begun by the previous Mayor John Keefer and his council members. They were thanked for their distinguished votes to officially change Commerce Street to B.T.W. Parkway. 

“I must admit Marlin is truly becoming One Community and One Family, with One Goal,” Lofton said. 

In attendance were current and former council members. Current councilmen Scottie Henderson and Terrance McDavid, both were excited to see their efforts and those of their former council members come to manifestation. 

The task of making the final puzzle pieces fit was given to City Manager Cedric Davis Sr. and Fire Chief Justin Parker. Davis could only smile and say it was a beautiful day to recognize one of Marlin’s greatest historical legacies.

If you would like to take part in the revitalization efforts to move Marlin forward feel free to contact Marlin City Hall at (254) 883-1450.

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