Commissioners award ARPA funds to center

The Falls County Commissioners Court met at the County Courthouse in Marlin on Monday, March 27, with County Judge Jay Elliott presiding. 

Commissioners present were Milton Albright (Pct. 1), F. A. Green (Pct. 2), Jason Willberg (Pct. 3) and Commissioner Nita Wuebker (Pct. 4). 

The elected official reports included Commissioner Willberg’s comments of concern regarding the Silicon Valley based money possibly invested in county energy projects. Commissioner Albright initiated comments on Nutt Roads 605/606 official status as county or public roads. Discussion was tabled as an agenda item at the next meeting.

Commissioner Green presented an update on the American Rescue Plan $30,000 grant money awarded to the Falconer Stamps Center. The construction/repairs will be completed in phases and financial assistance from other resources will be available. 

Due to the number of questionable issues related to the types of sewers and acreage, the action concerning Parrell Addition Plat was tabled. Commissioners also approved the installation of a relocated pole base and stand light pole at the Falls County Sheriff’s Office.

In other matters, Commissioner Albright moved that Falls County will cover the delayed burial expenses of an indigent decedent. Seconded by Commissioner Willberg, the motion carried. It was moved by Commissioner Wuebker and seconded by Willberg, for the DA’s office, the Commissioners approved the amended resolution to submit the grant application for the Special Crimes Investigator-Violence Against Women Justice and Training Program to the Office of the Governor. The motion carried. Judge Elliott will serve as an authorized official to apply for, accept, reject, alter, or terminate grant on behalf of the applicant agency.

Commissioner Wuebker moved to acquire legal action for unapproved road cuts by Durango Water. Seconded by Commissioner Albright, motion carried. Jeff Jackson, Road & Bridge Administrator, presented updates on the department. He noted equipment that needs repairs and visits to proposed sites by designated grant were progressing. There was also concern about the use of county roads without a contract with the county. 

Commissioner Albright moved Saturday, May 6, 8 a.m. to noon, as Free Trash Day with sites in Marlin (Falls County Jail Site) and Lott (Waste Collection Station-Hwy. 77). Batteries, appliances and appliances and Brush (no larger than 3” in diameter) will be accepted. Tires, Chemicals and Hazardous Waste or Roofing materials will not be accepted.

Commissioner Green moved to approve the payment of all bills, budget amendments and payroll. Seconded by Commissioner Albright, the motion carried. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by the Commissioners. With no further agenda items, Judge Elliot adjourned the meeting.

Commissioners also met on March 13.

Motioned by Albright and second by Green, Commissioners approved the $183,898 bid to purchase an upgraded generator at the Falls County Jail and electrical work required. Green moved to continue the contract with Guardian as insurance elective. Seconded by Albright, motion carried. Green also moved to accept the Interlocal Agreement with the Heart of Texas Council of Government (HOTCOG) relating to the use, control, responsibility, and payment for emergency notification service (ENS). Seconded by Albright, motion carried. Green additionally motioned approve the transfer of payroll funds to pay for automobile maintenance expenses in the District Attorney’s Department. Seconded by Albright, motion carried. 

Willberg moved to transfer payroll funds to pay for monthly generator lease expense in the Jail Department. Seconded by Green, motion carried. Green moved to transfer payroll funds to pay for the monthly medical inmate expenses and supplies in the Jail Department. Seconded by Albright, motion carried.

In other matters, the Commissioners approved the Texas Water Development Board Progress Reports in according to the payment request schedule for the Falls County Flood Control Plan and the adoption of the resolution to designate authorized signatories for the Texas Community Development Block Grant program. In addition, Commissioners approved the adoption of a resolution authorizing the submission of a Texas Community Development Block Grant program application and required Civil Rights policies. The Commissioners approved the Falls County and Chilton Water Supply and the Sewer Service Corporation Memorandum of Agreement. The community-wide housing analysis regarding impediments to fair housing for Falls County and the HOTCOG Solid Waste Interlocal Agreement were approved.

Jeff Jackson, The Road & Bridge Administrator, noted the crew is still working on fallen limbs and trees and trucks are running. Moved by Commissioner Willberg and seconded by Albright, the Commissioners approved the Bell-Milam-Falls Water Supply Road cut/bore on CR 314. Because the City of Golinda does not have the operating equipment necessary to transport and roll cold mix for designated streets, the Commissioners approved the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the City of Golinda whereas the County will provide equipment, materials, and personnel for a total cost of $2,200.

Commissioners approved a written Racial Profiling Report. Signed by Chief Deputy Derrick Johnson, Falls County Sheriff’s Office, it was noted the FCSO has satisfied the statutory data audit requirements in the Code of Criminal Procedure during the reporting period. The report is a collection of information relating to motor vehicle stops in which a citation is issued and to arrests made because of those stops. Marion D. Humphrey, Constable, Pct. 2, submitted the full exemption racial profiling report certifying it is not the policy of the Law Enforcement agency to make traffic stops in the routine performance of his official duties.

The Commissioners approved the 2023 Chilton Family Health and Back to School Expo. An Eye Tester will be on site and non-profits will be sought as resources. The Falls County Historical Commission membership was approved under the leadership of Trudie Asbury. F A Green moved to accept the indigent cremation policy and noted cremation is only ordered on unclaimed corpses. Seconded by Albright, motion carried. Also approved was the County Volunteer Fire Fighters Association request of $22,000 to be distributed to seven departments for emergency services to County citizens and $13,000 for insurance funds for Emergency Vehicles and Workers Compensation Insurance.  It was reported there were 357 more calls in 2022 than 2021.

Commissioner Albright moved to approve the payment of all bills, budget amendments and payroll. Seconded by Commissioner Green, the motion carried. The minutes from the last meeting were approved.







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