Community Garden Club, Marlin, Texas: Rose Garden Project

Marlin’s Community Garden Club (CGC) was honored to have been invited by Falls County Judge Jay Elliott to participate in the rejuvenating project at the Falls County Courthouse by restoring the rose garden by the WWII memorial.

Over the course of two years and the renovation of the Falls County Courthouse, the rose gardens had overgrown and now required a gardener’s hand. Judge Jay Elliott’s plea, “Make it look pretty,” was both invitation and an irresistible challenge to the Community Garden Club. Did I mention that this Community Garden Club in Marlin is the oldest garden club in the State of Texas?!

A committee of four was formed: Letitia Estep, Terri Glover, Sheila Lawson, and Mildred Wilson. What could be done? 

Master Gardener Ramona Watson was asked to evaluate the garden. She explained that she had always admired the garden and it could probably be  cleaned out. If, however, the decision were made to replant, the CGC should use Texas Super Star Roses and several names were provided. The ad hoc committee for the Rose Garden Project agreed that the roses were too crowded, too overgrown; the desired results would be best achieved by replanting. With measurements and graph paper in hand, the required number of roses and their placement was quickly plotted.  After numerous telephone calls to nurseries, Club President Terti Glover found fifteen (15) “Belinda’s Dream Roses”, a rose superlatively recommended by the Texas A&M Horticulture Department.  

Belinda’s Dream Roses are pink and symbolize admiration, gratitude and appreciation, so fitting for a WWII memorial. It is a fast-growing shrub with an upright habit and sturdy growth. The pink flowers have a rich fragrance, blooming throughout the summer. The leaves are blue-green and are highly resistant. 

Nine rose bushes were purchased. With help from county employees Miguel Lopez and Antonio Moreno who dug out the old roses, Letitia Estep, Betty Trotter, Rose Redding and Terri Glover moved them to Faulkner Park. There had been 30 rose bushes, some as tall as 7 feet!  

The soil was tilled and readied for planting. Six individuals, including new member Theresa Bradbury and current members Letitia Estep, Terri Glover, Sheila Lawson, Beth Mullins, and Mildred Wilson met to do the planting. Roses were placed and city council member, John Armstrong, helped dig the holes. While two CGC gardeners planted the roses in the WWII Memorial Rose Garden, others worked to renovate the Liberty Bell Rose Garden and trimmed those roses. Upon completion, both rose gardens are impressively improved and ready for the official opening of the Falls County Courthouse, scheduled for 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 16. 

They look pretty.

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