Coronavirus numbers down after outbreak

After an outbreak in the Hobby Unit earlier in the month, coronavirus numbers hit an alltime high, with 334 active cases on Monday, Oct. 12. On Monday, Oct. 19, there were 350 active cases, which, in combination with 280 recoveries and seven fatalities, brought the total number of cases to 635. 

There were an additional 44 cases this week, adding a 7.5 percent increase to the total count. Limestone had a similar increase, taking the total number of cases to 659, with 564 recovered and 79 active. Limestone County has had 16 fatalities.

Milam County has the least number of active cases, with only eight cases reported over the last week. There have been 539 cases overall with seven deaths and 564 recoveries.

Robertson County still has the lowest total number of cases, at 402. Only four deaths have occured in the county, with 314 cases currently recovered and 84 currently active. 

The State of Texas is nearing 830,000 total cases and just surpassed 17,000 fatalities. There have been about 730,000 recovered cases.

Schools around texas continue to be impacted as well, with an additional 48 students and 72 teachers diagnosed during the week Oct. 4 to Oct. 10. The Texas Education Agency reported on Oct. 11 that there had been a total of 1916 students and 1135 staff members infected since the start of the school year. 

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