County votes on ratification of property taxes

As reflected on the meeting agenda from the Monday, September 25, Commissioners Court meeting,” This budget will raise more revenue from property taxes than last year’s budget by an amount of $190,719.58 which is a 2.93% increase from last year”.

“The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $55,918.27”. The ratification on taxes was discussed and approved by the county Commissioners Court.

The 4-H organization will now be recognized for one week, during the week of October 1 through October 7 throughout Falls County.

The Falls County Appraisal District will also be holding an election to fill two positions on the Board of Directors.

A board that consist of five members that is elected by taxing entities, there are currently two candidates include, Mr. David Lawson and Mr. Larry Wornat.

It was determined that Falls County has 839 votes to cast in this upcoming process. Though Lawson and Wornat have agreed to continue serving on the board, the taxing entities that vote have the right to nominate any candidate that they wish.

Those who serve on the board serve a staggered two-year term, meaning that two members are elected one year while three are elected the next. This year is the time for two members to be elected.

The county judge’s bond of office must increase according to a new state law that was passed and took affect on September 1.

This state law is called SB40, and states that a county judge and county court at law judge who hears guardianship and or probate cases must increase their bond of office or get an insurance policy in lieu of bond by November 1, 2017.

For a county with a population amount of less than 125,000 it must increase to $100,000.00.

It was also decided that a burn ban would be put into affect as of Monday, September

25. With a possibility of being lifted should there be rainfall from a possible incoming system moving through.

During a previously held public hearing on September 18, Judge Robert Stem granted his staff a raise in the amount of 5%, which was approved by the court.

A resolution was passed by the county court certifying that the county had made a grant to Central Texas Senior Ministry.

To have food delivered to homes of elderly and disabled members of the community.

Judge Elliot received a letter from Melody McDermitt of Meals on Wheels stating that they are eligible for special funds through the Texas Department of Agriculture.

In order for Meals on Wheels to continue servicing Falls County the county must certify three things.

They must certify that Senior Ministry provides Meals on Wheels in Falls County, that Falls County will provide $2,500.00 to Meals on Wheels in Falls County and the accounting system of Senior Ministry.

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