COVID-19 incline slows with state

Coronavirus has plagued the globe since December 2019 and prior, but it is not yet known when the process will end. Governor Greg Abbott renewed the declaration of disaster for the state early this month, saying that numbers are still too high for the state to begin to reopen. Falls County has few of the large number of cases within the county, but the total cases has risen by 10 percent since the start of the month.

Falls County had a total of 186 cases on Sept. 14, only 26 of which were still active. There have been 157 recoveries so far, with still only three deaths. There are about 11.2 cases per thousand people in the county.

According to Falls County Judge Jay Elliott, the numbers are split about 70/30 between east and west of the Brazos. He also states that about 80 percent of that 70 percent that are on the east side live within Marlin. 

After working out the numbers that means that Marlin has had roughly 105 cases total, but the current active cases in the town are not known. 

The judge did not say anything further about the east side of the river. 

Milam has the least number of active cases again, a trend broken just last week for the first time in more than six weeks, when Robertson County recorded 14. Milam has had a total of 463 cases, with only 16 currently active and 442 recovered. There have been five deaths throughout the county; testing numbers reflect the same continuity, with 3160 as of Sept. 12. 

With a total of 272 cases, Robertson County now has 26 active cases, the same as Falls County. There have been four deaths and 242 recoveries. There are a total of about 16 cases per 1,000 people.

The State of Texas has seen a similar increase in testing, but cases are starting to slow, as are deaths. With Labor Day weekend last week, state officials continue to worry that case numbers will begin to rise again by the end of next week. 

Texas has had over 660,000 cases, with nearly 70,000 unrecovered. About 14,000 of those have been deaths, an addition of nearly 2,000 deaths in the last week. 

Case numbers have also begun to grow on college campuses around the state, with data showing that more and more universities are coming up positive. There has been an established link surfacing that alludes to private parties being a large source of contact contamination. 

 There is also continued contention around sports seasons and how to move forward, even on a high school level, but few events have been cancelled entirely. Baylor postponed the scheduled game last Saturday until September 19 due to one of these type mishaps.

There has been talk among officials that there may be a coronavirus vaccine coming in October of this year, but it is not yet known how accurate that prediction is. It has been stated that priority for vaccination will be the same as was for testing in the midst of the outbreak. Those at risk will be given higher priority.

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