Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Beta Nu Chapter: United by common purposes

The world thinks of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, founded on May 11, 1923, as a leader promoting professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education, and that’s absolutely true. With over 76,000 key women educators in seventeen countries, the 

Society continues to promote equal status for women, to work for school legislation, and to provide financial assistance for women in their educational careers. The best part: Beta Nu Chapter members centralized in Marlin are at the center of this wonderfully supportive organization; they are DKG Society International. 

But there’s so much else about Beta Nu chapter members that many people don’t know. They have compassion for the weak in health, the aged, and family units. 

Thirty front door Spring wreaths were handcrafted by four members, Shirley Wilson, Letitia Parrott, Phyllis MacMillan, and Sheila Lawson. Wreaths made from primarily tulle, a light, sheer fabric with a delicate lacy appearance and a shiny surface that reflects light and sparkles, were complemented with ribbon and strips of yellow, white, green, pink, blue, splashes of red and even plaid fabric. 

Most incorporated flowers or embellishments. Some wreaths were notably for masculine tastes while most were dainty. On Sunday, April 17, 2022, wreaths were presented to Director of Nursing Jamie Flowers for the residents of Golden Years Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Marlin. 

To laud former educators, Beta Nu Chapter Sisters Sheila Lawson, Phyllis Macmillon, Rhonda Milton, Shirley Wilson, and Letitia Estep are developing journals for Sisters Carolyn Groseclose (teaches in Zambia, Africa), Peggy Clark, Gwynn Range, and Roseanne Groseclose, who are unable to attend meetings. A search for Glenda Gray’s current address is underway. Interviews consist of twenty-five questions; the responses paint a picture of pride and self-motivation, of a selfless figure who puts in all the efforts to teach her students all the knowledge that she has gained in her entire life, and victory over challenges in the classroom.

Beta Nu Chapter Sisters will provide a variety of books for the Free Use Library (a cupboard on a stand) beside the Rotary Library Bench placed in the shade for anyone’s reading pleasure. Imagine a mother stopping to rest and finding a sweet book such as “The Box of Crayons That Talked” to read to her child.

Beta Nu Chapter will host an information table at Marlin Middle School’s Community Resource Fair on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

Membership in the Society is by invitation and considered a prestigious honor.  With this honor comes responsibility to commit to an active role in special projects, programs, and organizational activities.

The nurturing environment of the Society encourages all members to grow and reach the highest levels of professional and personal accomplishments their many unique talents allow. Members are committed to fulfilling their potential for greatness, for creativity, for leadership and for service through varied programs of action. 

Vestiges of the challenges of the last two years linger - residual symptoms from illness, financial losses, etc. Through these past two years and almost 94 years total, members of the Beta Nu Chapter have persisted and attended the meetings armed with fresh, positive, and fun ideas for making our world better. Because while no one knows what tomorrow may bring, they have some great ideas! They are DKG Society International women educators - past, present, and future!


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