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Election 2020 - Who’s on the Ballot?

What Marlin Residents can expect on Nov. 3

With the coronavirus pandemic, the normal complications that come with elections have gotten even worse, with cities and school districts being forced to move their elections from May to November. 

Positions from president all the way down through school officials are being considered this year. Falls County residents have a number of candidates to choose from, some differing from precinct to precinct. 

Anything at the county level and above will be voted on by all participating parties. Presidential candidates are Donald Trump (Rep), Joe Biden (Dem), Jo Jorgensen (Lib) and Howie Hawkins (Green).

John Cornyn (Rep), MJ Hegar (Dem),  Kerry Douglas McKennon (Lib) and David B Collins (Green) are up for US Senator. 

Pete Sessions (Rep), Rick Kennedy (Dem) and Ted Brown (Lib) will battle it out for US Representative for District 17, and Jim Wright (Rep), Chrysta Castaneda (Dem), Matt Sterett (Lib), and Kat Gruene (Green) go head to head for Railroad Commissioner.

Candidates for Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court are Nathan Hetch (Rep), Amy Clark Meachum (Dem), and Mark Ash (Lib). 

Supreme Court Justice, Place 6 (unexpired term), is between Jane Bland (Rep) and Kathy Cheng (Dem). Place 7 is being sought by Jeff Boyd (Rep), Staci Williams (Dem), and William Bryan Strange III (Lib), while Brett Busby (Rep), Gisela Triana (Dem), and Tom Oxford (Lib) are seeking Place 8.

Judge for the Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3, candidates are Kevin Patrick Yaery (Rep) and Tina Clinton (Dem), while David Newell (Rep) and Brandon Birmingham (Dem) are up for Place 9.

State Board of Education, District 10, candidates are Tom Maynard (Rep), Marsha Burnett-Webster (Dem), and Trip Seibold (Lib).

Brian Birdwell (Rep) is seeking reelection as State Senator for District 12 and is opposed by Robert Vik (Dem).

Kyle Kacal (Rep) is running unopposed for District 12 State Representative, Matt Johnson (Rep) is running unopposed for place 2 on the 10th Court of Appeals as a justice, and John E. Neil (Rep) runs unopposed for place 3 (unexpired term)

The only local position that faces any opposition is for Falls County Sheriff, between Ricky Scaman (Rep) and Joe Lopez (Dem).

Jodi Gilliam is seeking re-election as County Attorney, as is Kayci Nehring as County Tax Assessor-Collector, Milton Albright as Precinct 1 Commissioner, Jonathan Shoemaker as Constable for Precinct 1, Marian Humprey as Constable for Precinct Two, Jason Willberg as Commissioner for Precinct 3, Jerry Loden as Constable for Precinct 3 and Jerry Wood as Constable for Precinct 4. All of those that run opposed with the county are Republican candidates. 


City of Marlin

The City of Marlin will hold an election for (City) Precinct 4. Scottie Henderson is seeking reelection for the position against newcomer Timothy Lopez.

Marlin ISD has two trustee positions at-large, as well as a Single Member District 1 position. Debra A. Levels-McDavid is on the ballot for the single member position and Rosalyn Renee Dimerson, Jimmie E. House, and Sammie Lofton Washinton are competing for the two trustee spots.

Early voting began in Falls County on Oct. 13 and will go from then until Friday, Oct. 30. Polls will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during that time at the Falls County Courthouse annex, which is located at 1910 Industrial Blvd. in Marlin.

Precinct 1 consists of 101, 104, 105; Precinct 2 consists of 201, 203, 204; Precinct 3 consists of 301, 302, 303, 304; and Precinct 4 consists of 403, 404, 405.

Election day polling locations are as follows:

101 (North Marlin) - Methodist Church Fellowship Hall at 11 Coleman St, Marlin, TX 76661; 104 (Otto) - Otto Community Center at 106 CR 163 D, Otto, TX 76682; 105 (North West Marlin) Ward St. Church Of Christ Annex at 1305 Ward Street, Marlin, TX 76661; 201 (Reagan) - Zion Baptist Church at 1158 State Hwy 6, Reagan, Tx 76680; 203 (South East Marlin) - Davis Chapel United Methodist Church at 304 Conoly Street, Marlin, TX 76661; 204 (South East Marlin) Booker T. Washington Alumni Building at 216 Falls Street, Marlin, TX 76661; 301 - Pleasant Grove Baptist Fellowship Hall at 1148 FM 1048, Rosebud, TX 76570; 302 - Marlin Housing Authority at 101 Burnett Street, Marlin, TX 76661; 303 (Westphalia) Westphalia Community Center at 375 FM 431, Westphalia, TX; 304 (Rosebud) D. Brown Library at 203 North 2nd Street, Rosebud, TX 76570; 403 (Chilton) - Chilton Volunteer Fire Dept. at 2589 State Hwy 7, Chilton, TX 76632; 404 (Lott ) - Lott Fire Department at 313E Gassaway, Lott, TX 76656; 405 (Golinda) Golinda City Hall at 7039 Golinda Drive, Golinda, TX 76655.

Mail-in Ballots are available for those who need them. Applications to vote by mail should be mailed to: Falls County Elections, P.O Box 810, Marlin, Texas 76661. To receive an application for a ballot by mail, you must be one of the following: 1) 65 years of age or older; 2) have a  disability; 3) be confined in jail; 4) expected absence from the county.

For more information, head to votetexas.gov. 

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