Falls County Retired Teachers hold family reunion

“Family Reunion: Remembering the Past, looking to the Future” was the State-related theme for the Falls County Retired Teachers Association meeting Aug. 12 at the BTW Alumni building, Elizabeth Richardson presiding. 

The 2021-22 Falls County officers are: Pres/Historian-Elizabeth Richardson, 1st VP/Chaplain-Annie McGruder, 2nd VP-Helen McCullough Smith, Secretary-Bobbie Milton, Asst. Secretary-Linda Lockridge, Treasurer-Hermetta Paul.

  The minutes and correspondences were read by Bobbie Milton. Members were reminded that AMBA is no longer a TRTA benefit group and has been replaced with Trident. Those who are contracted with AMBA will not be affected right now. Members were reminded of the upcoming District 12 TRTA meeting Tuesday, September 14 at Region 12-Waco, and the ongoing Raffle Tickets drive. Treasurer report was distributed. 

Members were asked to wear a “Hat of honor” and given the opportunity to share their stories. They became a book author for a moment as each were provided a book to cover and title that best described their “Stay at home” experience.

Community Volunteer chair, Annie McGruder encouraged the Unit to continue to record all volunteer hours throughout the year. Bobbie Milton, Health Care chair, shared the dangers of a heatwave. Great tips were discussed. Barbara Stewart, Informative & Protective Services chair, encouraged members to be Covid-Savvy.  As additional input, Patricia Woodson shared with the group info about a phone scam regarding unpaid TRTA dues. Legislation chair, Hermetta Paul, spoke on the proposed 13th check and Cost of Living Adjustment. (COLA) for retirees.

The Unit Handbook will be distributed at the September meeting. It was agreed to change the meeting time to 12:45 p.m., second Thursdays. The State Convention is April 11-13 at the Dallas Anatole. President Richardson pointed out that dates are pending based on COVID status. The next meeting is Sept. 9. For more info, call (979) 739-0219.

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