Fellow officers act swiftly to save life of MPD officer

On Aug. 24 at approximately 3:30 a.m. a Marlin Police Officer was patrolling the 400 block of Gift Street when he observed a suspicious vehicle with the trunk open and two occupants passed out inside. 

Upon approach of the vehicle the odor of marijuana was emitting from inside of the vehicle and a probable cause search of the vehicle was initiated. 

During the search of the vehicle the Marlin Officer put on latex gloves and began a systematic search of the vehicle. During the search the Marlin Officer began to sweat and accidentally rubbed his forehead and unknowingly rubbed an unknown substance onto his skin. 

A few minutes later the officer began to experience shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and dilated pupils. At about this time two Marlin Officers who were on scene to assist noticed that their fellow officer had collapsed and was in need of medical attention. 

The back up Marlin officer proceeded to ask for help over the radio and advised that he needed Narcan for the officer. 

At about this time a Falls County Deputy arrived on scene to assist. One of the Marlin Officer recognized that the downed officer was showing symptoms of narcotic exposure and administered Narcan to the downed officer and the Falls County Deputy Immediately transported the Marlin Officer to the Local hospital for treatment due to paramedics being out of the area and their response time being too long and the officers life required immediate medical care.

Upon arrival to the hospital the Marlin Police Officer received medical attention and was eventually released and was driven home by another Marlin Officer.

While the Marlin Officer was transported to the hospital the other two officers remained on scene and completed the investigation and identified both subjects in the vehicle and collected drug paraphernalia and other known narcotics from inside the suspect vehicle. 

Due to the circumstances Marlin Officers used discretion and let the occupants depart and immediately responded to the hospital to be by their fellow officers side.

This case will be investigated by the Marlin Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Detective. The narcotics that were located during the investigation were sent to the crime lab for analysis.

The Marlin Officer is doing better and is in good spirits and ready to come back to work.

In a Facebook post the Marlin PD said: We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the Marlin officers for their actions, which we wholeheartedly believe that if not for their quick actions and recognizing the symptoms of narcotic exposure and administering Narcan that our fellow officer might have lost his life. Not to be left out thank you to the Falls County Deputy who transported our officer to the hospital, you as well have been instrumental in his life being saved.


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