Fish Fry Benefit by Lions Club and community helps Lawsons

Our community always comes together to help those in need, and this benefit is no different. The caring  effort was for a couple from the Marlin community who suffered a tragic auto-to-motorcycle accident. 

A Fish Fry Benefit Dinner for David and Sheila Lawson was held on Saturday, Oct. 2, at the Marlin Senior Center. Hosted by the Lions Club of Marlin, Jack and Patricia Patterson, Edward Jones, and the Marlin Men’s Civic Association, it was the overwhelming contribution of the community that consumed over 600 pounds of catfish that stands to be thanked. The event simply ran out! Add to wit, the silent auction and bake sale were generous contributions.

The beneficiaries of Saturday’s fish fry were in North Carolina and on their motorcycle when tragedy struck. Sheila Lawson explains, “I had two broken legs and David suffered torn ligaments in his knee, broken left tibia, and injuries to his hand wrists resembling carpal tunnel syndrome,” relates Sheila Lawson. “I had a helicopter ride to Winston-Salem, which I don’t remember,” Sheila adds. 

There were weeks in the hospital. Back home, friends cared for the Lawsons’ lawn, shop, and vehicle, and even sent letters and calls for their comfort. 

Finally, there was a return home to Marlin, a home quickly filled with meals and snacks and friends’ aid in the home. Recovery has been arduous yet steady and ongoing. With the care and exercises led by her husband David, Sheila now walks and stands for short periods of time. David Lawson is regaining strength. Even so, he relentlessly serves the community by painting curbs around the county courthouse and trimming the trees and shrubs at the tennis court park on the corner of Ward and Amber Streets.

Like all benefits, the outward community’s expression of care, the evening at the Marlin Men’s Civic Association and the Benefit Fish Fry was a great way to boost community morale with food and fellowship. Know this, it was work. There were ticket sales, advertisement, arranging for and preparation of the venue, assigning work details, setting up tables, and the frying of hundreds of catfish. There were hundreds of plates served in to-go packaging and tables set up indoors as well as lawn furniture so those who wanted to stay and visit could eat and relax.

 “We are proud to participate in a benefit,” says Lion President John Armstrong. “It is not only bringing us closer together, but it allows us to keep the tradition of Lionism alive and work to improve one more thing in people’s lives.”

 “Many people bragged having eaten the best catfish in the whole world that evening,” quotes Patricia Patterson. 

If interested in the Lions Club of Marlin, connect with Facebook Lions Club of Marlin Homepage.



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