International business group visits Marlin looking for investment

Throughout Marlin, Marlinite’s are seeing significant changes and future opportunities once again within their grasp. 

Many Central Texans are admiring the resilience and tenacity of this small town’s efforts to revitalize its heritage of being a tourism and business hub of Central Texas. 

Under the leadership of Mayor Carolyn Lofton, the small town is finding ways to deliver a better quality of life and opportunities for Marlinite’s. 

Mayor Lofton, City Council Members, City Manager Cedric Davis Sr. and his staff worked diligently to prepare for a well-welcomed visit from A&A International Group Inc., an investment/management company specializing in clothing sesign, distribution centers, and high-end real estate. This international corporation has hubs in Seattle, and Los Angeles, it has operations in 35 countries, currently A&A International Group Inc. is looking to venture into the Texas market. 

On Thursday, July 25, the City Council, Davis and staff greeted owner Yuanming Zhang “Jon” of Beijing China and his US Operations Manager Tyler Walker of Seattle, Wash. Both men had an opportunity to taste some of the finest cuisine Marlin had to offer. 

The delegates were introduced to some the areas business owners such as Scottie Henderson of The Wagon, Lakeview Dinner, El Charro, Chop Sticks, management teams from Wal-Mart, HEB, and Justin of Young Industries. They were taken on a tour of the industrial park, city park and Falls County Youth Fair, downtown, the Mineral Water Well/Fountain, an inside tour of the Old Falls Hotel with the potential of creating condos/lofts with a hot mineral water spa and salon, a coffee shop, along with several boutiques. 

It was followed up with a visit to several working farms and ranches of Falls County. 

Their day was followed up with the attendance to the TML Region 9 Meet and Greet Dinner held in Bellmead. 

“Everyone is stepping up in both small and large rolls for the revitalization of our city,” Davis said.

Davis talked about reinventing Marlin and the partnership between the city and Falls County with the TREAT organization in an attempt to bring a large grocery chain like HEB, Brookshire’s, Aldi’s and or others to Marlin. 

The city and its leadership team are looking down every avenue to make Marlin more attractive to the tourism and distribution markets. 

Whatever is happening in Marlin, one can see and say we’re “On the Move” and the future of the city is very bright. 

If you would like to take part in the revitalization efforts feel free to contact Marlin City Hall at (254) 883-1450.

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