Marlin ISD accepted into Rural Pathways Partnership

Marlin Independent School District proudly announces its acceptance into newly designated Rural Pathway Excellence Partnerships (R-PEPs) facilitated by the Texas Education Agency. This partnership represents a significant achievement for Marlin ISD and is one of the first three collaboratives in the state.

This initiative, under the R-PEP framework, is part of the broader Texas strategy to enhance educational and career opportunities in rural areas. Through this collaboration, Marlin ISD will receive the R-PEP allotment and become eligible for outcomes bonuses as outlined in Texas’s HB2209, aimed at expanding high-quality post-secondary pathways for rural students.

Dr. Darryl Henson, Superintendent of Marlin ISD, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. 

“This is a monumental step for our district and our community,” Henson said. “The R-PEP program allows us to significantly enhance the educational offerings to our students By joining forces with other entities, we can overcome the limitations often faced by rural schools and provide our students with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.”

As part of the Falls County Rural Collaborative, Marlin ISD aims to leverage shared resources to offer a wider array of academic and career pathways, addressing historical challenges such as lower college attainment and limited access to lucrative careers in rural settings. 

“Our inclusion in this initiative not only boosts our capacity to support our students but also strengthens the entire educational infrastructure of rural Texas,” added Dr. Henson.

Leading up to the 2024-2025 school year, Marlin ISD will share detailed profiles of the pathways and partnerships developed through the R-PEP program, highlighting the tailored opportunities now available to its students.

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