Marlin ISD Board approves new teachers, administrators

“No matter what the circumstances are, I am willing to continue to work to save our children,”

After a lengthy closed session on Dec. 18, the Marlin ISD Board of Directors motioned to approve the addition of two new teachers and an additional administrator to the district.

This decision stems from the need to keep up with the influx of students the district receives each year. 

“We get more and more little ones every year,” Pat Lewis, Marlin ISD CFO, told reporters before the final decision. “This could really help the teachers.”

Cynthia Derry, a Marlin Elementary School teacher, had addressed the board earlier in the meeting. This is her first year teaching full-time for the district and she presented the board with a couple of well thought-out grievances. After touching on the day-to-day work environment, student interaction, and inconsistent support in her position, Derry went on the explain that she understands the importance of elementary education on a young mind.

“No matter what the circumstances are, I am willing to continue to work to save our children,” she stressed. The educator believes that the current staff and administration alike is being held accountable for the mistakes of previous administrators and leadership. 

“Like me, they accepted their positions with the full knowledge of the students and the campus,” Derry said. “Every teacher is working diligently to improve the status of our students.” 

Every word spoken was read off of a letter directly addressed to the Board of Directors and when she was done, Derry presented them with seven other letters from educators in the district, voicing their concerns.

After thanking Derry for sharing on behalf of her peers, the board enjoyed the performance of a group of four Marlin Elementary School students who sang holiday songs from the cultural program put on the previous night. They lent a notion to both the Hispanic and African-American Gospel cultures with renditions of “Feliz Navidad” and “He Reigns.”

Tamariah Manigo, sixth grade math teacher, was also there recognizing the more than 20 students who competed in a UIL competition in Riesel on Dec. 10. The team as a whole came back with a number of awards ranging in subjects from mathematics to science to impromptu speaking. Students across all three grades placed in their subjects and the sixth grade mathematics teams placed second overall out of five schools. 

“We do have awesome kids,” Manigo said, addressing the crowd. “Please don’t judge a book by it’s cover because there are kids who do well here.”

James Guest and Tony Gattlin, of Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, & Sampson LLP, were there as well to discuss the opening bids for the next tax resale with the board. The proposed opening bids are 25 percent of the original bid amount. The original bid amount numbers were the taxes/penalties/interests owed or the appraised value of the property; whichever amount was least, according to the law. There was a bit of unrest as the conversation went on, as Guest explained that he was only asking the board’s approval at the request of the city council. 

Board Vice President Danny Vickers inquired as to when and why the city had the authority to approve without their consent. Marlin Mayor Carolyn Lofton was in attendance as well and helped to explain. 

“At some point last year, that authority was signed over from the school district to the city to be able to conduct this sale,” she explained promptly. “But we want to be inclusive of everyone, so we want you all to have some input in this.”

“I thought the school district had it because we are the largest tax entity,” said Vickers after asking if it is possible for the authority given to the city to be rescinded. Lofton is open to discussing it, but because it is already in place, it cannot be changed for this sale. 

When all was said and done, the board motioned to approve the proposed bids and then it passed unanimously. 

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