Marlin ISD postpones graduation ceremonies

Marlin ISD announced that it will be postponing high school graduation until June in order to give students more time to meet graduation requirements.

The school district announced this morning that students that have not met the necessary requirements for graduation due to attendance or grades will now have more time to get things in order. 

Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson stated, "We hold firm to our belief that every student in Marlin ISD can and will achieve their potential. We maintain high expectations, not as an imposition, but as a show of faith in our students abilities. As we navigate these challenges, one thing is clear: students in Marlin ISD will be held to the same high standard as any other student in Texas."

The school district stresses the importance of regular school attendance and how studies show that it is a powerful predictor of student success. 

Senior parents are instructed to attend a mandatory meeting at the high school on Wednesday, May 24, at 6:30 p.m. 

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