Marlin mandates mask usage in public places, businesses

Governor says outdoor events 100+ must be approved

On Thursday, June 25, Marlin Mayor Carolyn Lofton issued a proclamation stating that facial coverings are required for the general public beginning that date at 12:01 a.m.

This followed Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order 26, which had a number of conditions and encouraged local control.

The Proclamation states that places of business are required to institute a Health and Safety Policy that, at minimum, requires both patrons and employees to wear a facial covering in undivided areas, as well as while doing activities that require a closeness of less than six feet. 

These policies must be posted for employees and visitors by 12:01 a.m. on July 1.

Any business who fails to do so will be subject to a $1,000 fine, which is eligible to be considered a repeat offense for each day thereafter that the policy is not posted.

The order states that individuals over the age of 10 are encouraged to wear facial coverings and all citizens are expected to maintain a social distancing strategy of six foot distance.

Exceptions stated in the order include: 

  • When exercising outside or engaging in physical activity outside

  • Alone in a separate single space, whether indoors or outdoors

  • In the presence of other members of one's residence

  • When doing so poses a greater mental or physical health, safety, or security risk

  • When doing so poses a security or safety risk, such as impairing the ability to drive

  • While in a building or participating in an activity that requires security surveillance, screening, or identification, for example, banks

  • When consuming food or drink

Those experiencing homelessness are exempt from the orser as well, but are asked to maintain six feet distance when near other citizens and are encouraged to take shelter when possible.

The Mayor’s proclamation strongly discourages use of N95 respirators, surgical-grade masks, and other medical masks, as the demand for these is significant in the medical and first responder fields.

Disposable masks should be used no more than three times and the use of a mask does not replace social distancing, hand-washing, or self-isolation when feeling sick. 

There is a city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening that will bring forth the proclamation for amendments, extensions, and approval by council members. A proclamation made by a city official is only eligible to be in place for seven days, unless otherwise extended by the council. 

Under GA-28, released by Governor Greg Abbott on June 26, neither a Mayor nor a County Judge has jurisdiction over religious services, childcare services, youth camps (day and overnight camps,) collegiate/professional sports, or swimming pools. This order also limits gatherings to no more than 10 people and states that outdoor gathering of more than 100 persons is required to be approved by the governing body. 

This extends to Fourth of July events, including Marlin’s annual gathering at the MISD Football field. This event will have to be approved by Falls County Judge Jay Elliott, as the field is outside of Marlin city limits. 

To view Mayor Lofton’s proclamation, head to For more information on Governor Abbott’s Executive order and to keep up to date with future ones, head to More information on Marlin’s mask order will be released as it becomes available. 

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