Marlin mayor updates on water problems

Marlin residents have had a tough week with unprecedented winter weather that has struck the area.

The City of Marlin’s Water Plant went down on Sunday and attempts to repair it have seemed to been met with problems at every turn.

Marlin Mayor Carolyn Lofton updated residents and the media on Wednesday afternoon saying crews are working to located needed material to make repairs.

“We are all without water,” she said. “Water crews continue to work to locate needed material to make the repairs to get our water restored. Many shops are closed due to the weather and those who are willing to assist have depleted resources due to other cities having the same or similar issues. Our staff are continuing to sacrifice their safety, physical and emotional health, and families to
ensure that Marlin citizens have needed resources.”

She asked for continued patience as the city navigates more yet uncharted waters.

She said the city reached out to TDEM and HEB Regional on Sunday and Tuesday for water and no one was able to move supply trucks due to the weather.

“We are recommending if you are able to safely do so, please turn off your water valve,” Lofton said. “Doing this may prevent your home or business's water lines from rupturing when water service is restored. It will also aid in replenishing our city's elevated water tanks. This was recommended to the residents of Thornton
and is being shared with all of you. When water is restored, you will
need to boil it until cleared by TCEQ.”
A request was made to the State Operations Center (SOC) for bottled water by the Marlin Fire Chief and Emergency Operation. He was informed that the request will likely not be filled immediately due to countless cities, large and small, experiencing the same issue. The SOC coordinates with public, private, and corporate entities (including Red Cross, HEB, Walmart, etc.) to locate needed resources to distribute to communities.

The city was able to obtain a generator on Monday and Tuesday with the help of TxDOT to attempt to restore water, but a bust in a 10-inch main halted that help.

“The help we received from TXDOT to get the generator to Marlin was requested through this means,” Lofton said. “Requests for resources for this community was started on Wednesday of last week and cots and blankets were received. No city was provided with water reserves. Sadly, there is currently no immediate help available for water due to road conditions. Emergency management personnel have already begun working on a demobilization plan which includes an after-action review to discuss what happened and what measures need to be initiated so that we are better prepared in the event we encounter something of this magnitude in the future.”
Lofton said roads and outdoor surfaces are extremely slick and to avoid driving and going outdoors if possible.

“Following my conversation with the South Regional Manager for ONCOR
yesterday, power was restored to the citizens of east and south Marlin
who have been without since Sunday,” she said. “While this may be minimal progress to some, it was major progress for those who were suffering. The State of Texas is frozen. What is occurring to each of us is beyond
anyone’s control. Many other cities do not have major repair issues and
still have no water because it is frozen. State, federal, county, and
local jurisdictions have been working tirelessly to try and manage what
is occurring in the State of Texas. It is "unprecedented" which means there is no blueprint for anyone to use to know the exact steps to rectify situations that have
never occurred before.”

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