Meth arrest leads to recovery of stolen property

Brett Rhodes, 54, from Chilton, was arrested by College Station Police Officers on March 19 following a traffic stop.  

According to the Falls County District Attorney’s Office, officers searched his vehicle and found 2.2 pounds of methamphetamine.  The truck being driven by Rhodes was stolen from Brazoria County.

Acting on information gathered by the College Station Officers, the Falls County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with the DPS Criminal Investigations Division, executed a search warrant on Rhodes’ property on County Road 414, just West of the Brazos River.  

“We recovered close to $100,000 in stolen property,” Sheriff Joe Lopez reported.  “We found boats, jet skis, numerous tools, trailers, and other items.”   

Some of those victims have been identified and are relieved to learn they will be getting their property back.  

“The process of identifying owners of the stolen property is on-going and we are working with other counties to identify as many as we can,” Lopez said.

During the search, it became obvious to officers that some of the stolen property, particularly firearms, that were expected to be at the location had been removed after Rhodes’ arrest, but prior to the execution of the search warrant.  Rhodes’ arrest made televised news quickly following his arrest because of the large amount of methamphetamine headed to Falls County.  

Working in conjunction with the Falls County District Attorney’s Office, a lead was quickly developed and followed-up on by the Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  

“We followed up on information received and recovered those items we knew were missing,” Captain Derick Johnson said. “Those items included a side-by-side, and numerous firearms, including assault rifles, shotguns, and long barreled rifles.”

Warrants are pending.

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