Multiple burglaries hit Marlin

A slew of burglaries have hit the Marlin area over the past few weeks. Two were at places of business, while the other two were of citizen’s homes.

HEB Burglary

A woman and her young children were robbed while in the HEB parking lot on June 2. 

Amanda Gibson, Marlin resident, was in the process of putting groceries in the car while her children, ages ranging from two- to eight-years-old, waited in the car. Two juveniles, expected to be in their late teens, went into the car and took the woman’s purse from her daughter’s hands. She claims not to have been the only one to have been struck that day. 

“I pressed full charges,” Gibson said in a Facebook post. “As did the others these two got.”

The Marlin Police Department has been pursuing the case and has made some headway.

They believe they have identified one of the perpetrators and have questioned them. The individual would not give up any information. The investigation is still ongoing. 

These two individuals not only stole the cash in Gibson’s wallet, but the entire contents of her purse, including essential medication, ID cards, social security cards, and insurance information.

“How can you go into a car full of toddlers and children and take everything they have?” she questioned. 

“You took everything I had,” the post continued. “And because you have my ID and such I can’t cash a check, receive money, nothing.”

Gibson’s Pharmacy

There was a burglary at Gibson’s Pharmacy in the late evening on June 15. 

Access points look to be from the back entrance and from the roof. 

“Security cameras noticed a flashlight shining down,” said MPD Sgt. Percy Brewer.

The intruders got through the garage door and proceeded to kick into the bathroom area, but were unable to go any further.

With the arrival of MPD officers, the perpetrators fled the scene empty handed.

It is expected that they are not from the area, but have been hitting small towns like Marlin recently.

Home Invasion

A home possible invasion took place on Sunday, June 20. The door to a home was kicked in, but suspects have yet to be identified. The investigation is ongoing.

Burglary on Palm & Country Club

There was a homestead burglary that took place last week at a home around the intersection of Palm Drive and Country Club Road. 

A call was received by the Marlin Police Department about the event and they arrived on the scene in time to arrest the individual. 

Not yet identified, they are currently in Falls County Jail and are not expected to be released soon, as there are multiple Class C warrants developing, along with additional charges.

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