Precinct 4 Election to be held in Nov.

The City of Marlin will be postponing the May 2 election until Nov. 3 due to the Essential Services and Activities Protocol proclamation given by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on March 31. 

It extends social distancing guidelines through April 30,  defines essential services, and extends school closures across the state through May 4, 2020. 

Scottie Henderson holds the only position up for grabs this year, which he has held since May 2004. The Marlin City Council approved the cancellation of election for precincts two and six during their meeting on March 6 because there were no opposing candidates, meaning that the precinct four election will be postponed until Nov. 3.

Abbott released a proclamation on March 18 that allowed municipalities to delay local elections scheduled for May 2 until November, but notably left the ultimate decision to local officials. Up until the most recent order, the City of Marlin had not decided to move the election.

If the elections were held, voters would have been exposed to a number of health risks and even possibly criminal violations. The city would have had a number of obstacles as well.

“This most recent executive order will prevent you from securing polling places, recruiting  election workers, and allowing voters a safe way to exercise their right to vote,” said Keith Ingram, an Election Divisions Director with the Secretary of the State, in an email to election officials.

Information has not yet been released on voting procedures or schedules for the November election, but more information will be provided as it becomes available. An official resolution will go before the Marlin City Council at their next meeting.

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