Sheriff’s Office committed to safety and security

The Falls County Sheriff’s Office is still responding to all emergency situations.

In a statement, Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman said, “The Falls County Sheriff’s Office is committed to your safety and security. We will continue to respond to all calls that come into our office for Sheriff’s Office, Fire, and EMS.”

He said at some point, when you call 911 or the Sheriff’s Office, you may be asked four questions to assess the risk of the COVID-19 exposure. This questionnaire will only be implemented upon the order of the State Emergency Management Office, the Governor’s Office, or through a Presidential Order.

These orders will be funneled through our local Emergency Management Office and will then be placed into practice.

“We encourage the public to not panic during this time,” he said. “This is a rough spot in the road. We will get through this. Again, please do not panic during this time. Keep a good attitude and maintain order amongst yourselves while out shopping for needed supplies. There is no need, at this time, to stock up on any supplies.”

The jail has been notified by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards who has received notification from the Office of the Governor to suspend visitation at jails and prisons until further notice. This is done in an effort to contain and prevent any exposure to staff, inmates, and the general public.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Scaman at (254) 803-1000.

“I am sorry for any inconvenience that the suspension of visitation may cause,” Scaman said. “We look forward to this suspension to be lifted. Thank you for your assistance regarding this matter.”

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