As of this morning, April 1, 2020, Falls County still has only one confirmed case of COVID-19.

Please note that any additional information regarding cases of COVID-19 will ONLY be released through the Texas Department of State Health Services. While local news outlets frequently provide updates, the information is not always sourced through the official Texas Department of State Health Services.

With the constantly changing dynamics of COVID-19, we must not panic but instead use precaution with social distancing and continue making personal hygiene a top priority.

On March 31, 2020, I received a call from Dr. Carla Downing, the Falls County Health Official, stating she was receiving a high volume of calls. In order to share her information more efficiently and effectively, Dr. Downing has agreed to answer your questions in a public forum.

The responses will be available on the forum as she provides them. You may submit your question(s) as a single comment under the most recent post to the Falls County Emergency Management Facebook page

While there are several websites and forums where you can express your opinion, this IS NOT one of them.

This is strictly an opportunity to have your COVID-19 medical questions answered by Dr. Downing. All questions submitted will be monitored and removed if not on topic or appropriate.

Trustworthy websites that are updated with the latest medical information:

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