2019 - A Successful Year

Marlin mayor reflects on accomplishments of historic 2019

As the amazing year, 2019, closes and we enter 2020, I want to express my gratitude to the Most High God for all that He has done for me and the citizens of Marlin. I want to also thank Him for what’s still to come for my hometown. Starting with my double historymaking win, the winds of positive change have been blowing through Marlin and I am thankful and blessed that God chose me as a change agent.

Since taking office, integrity, professionalism, and inclusion have been core concepts of the type of city government we have promoted. I am extremely grateful for our current city council and their spirit of understanding and working together for the good of our community. I am thankful for our city manager and all our city employees who adopted the new way of conducting business and continue to carry out the business of Marlin in a professional, community-friendly way. I am exceedingly grateful for all who have offered their support, attended and participated in council meetings, or just sent a thank you note or acknowledgement of our efforts.

While we continue to have a long way to go, I am grateful for how far we have come in such a short time.

A few of our accomplishments since May 16, 2019, include:

- Hiring, or promoting, wellqualified individuals to leadership positions

- Streamlining the city budget by combining some positions and eliminating wasteful spending

- Ensuring that revenues from 5% water rate increase is separate and secured

- Obtaining a good used dump truck valued at $70,000 for only $9,000 for street repair efforts

- Obtaining a good used fire truck to aid in emergency response calls valued at $134,000 and purchased for $72,000 financed over six years

- Obtaining a good used Fire Command vehicle and Brush Tanker pkg for $7500

- Maintaining quality, TCEQ approved water at our water treatment plant

- Finalizing and securing the $10.5 million grant/loan for water plant and drainage upgrades (thank you to all who played a part)

- Meetings with many investors regarding investment opportunities in Marlin

- Ensuring that city contracts are in place and reflect city needs

- Hiring a new City Attorney - Promoting a new City Secretary

- Hiring a new Financial Director

- Hiring a new Police Chief

- Promoting a new Public Works Director

- Promoting a new Water Plant Director

- Provided maintenance to many city streets. We will be able to do more quicker with the addition of the dump truck.

- Created a cashless payment system that has already produced an increase in city revenues

- Identified many homes with continuous water leaks and have sent (or in process of sending) mailout notifications

- Established an Economic Development Committee in partnership with Falls County

- Exploring the option of a Charter School in the event Marlin ISD is recommended for closure

- Secured new garbage pick up service that includes bulk pick up with reduced cost to city compared to previous contract for an estimated savings of $300,000.

- Received many donations from concerned citizens – (Thank you to all who have donated or will donate)

- Made improvements to city park services

- Initiated a forensic audit of city financial records

And more to come.

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