2024 marks 80th anniversary of D-Day

This year. We celebrate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

D-Day is celebrated on June 6 every year, the same date that the invasion occurred in 1944. Normandy will forever be marked by the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy that led to the liberation of France and Europe. 

2024 will mark the 80th Anniversary of this historic event, and with it, a momentous occasion to celebrate peace, liberty and reconciliation. Americans stood tall that day both here at home and abroad!


A Generation of Heroes 

WWII… they huddled in a landing craft,

coursing toward that cold and rocky shore.

Or, dropped from the sky, behind the lines ‘fore dawn, 

June sixth nineteen forty-four!


TODAY…A smile formed, as he blinked a tear,

while Old Glory fluttered through.

He stood, saluted, an’ gave a cheer

for comrade an’ freedom held true.


The ol’ gent with the white shock of hair

stood tall and proud to salute Old Glory.

The symbol of our freedom marched there!

And folks… therein, lies our story.


A story of a brave generation.

One that would stand to answer the call,

to protect the rights of a nation,

and to halt, God given freedoms fall.


The crowd gathered on the court house square,

to honor gallant folks that stood to fight

 and to stop the tyrant in his lair,

thus  help the downtrodden masses unite!


To the men and women that fought in that fray,

fighting for God and Country on foreign shore,

sacrificing all, that freedom might stay

.We will be grateful forevermore!


September 1939

The Axis force marched with callus gall,

most of Europe was embroiled in strife.

Struggling countries, one by one would fall,

as Hitler’s powers cut through like a knife!


Our Allies made a desperate plea,

as dreaded war raged upon their shore.

America sent supplies with decree,

but obviously, they needed more!


Now, America could see her path,

as tyrant destroyed values we held dear.

We prepared for war, yet held our wrath,

but soon, our destiny would be clear.


America had valiantly tried

to stay away from worldly strife.

Yet, foe would strike our blindside.

We stood tall and proud, a fight for life!


Japan forced America into war,

seven December nineteen forty-one.

Life as we knew it would be no more,

our fight for freedom has just begun.


America sent a fighting force,

men and women …gallant and brave.

She came prepared to stay the course,

her values and freedoms to save!


The United States bravely stood their ground,

these aggressors would be bitterly fought.

On both fronts, America’s resolve was sound,

to crush Japan and the Axis onslaught.


The Pacific Theatre found our intent true,

and we forced our enemy to retreat.

In Europe, our presence was long overdue,

we promised Hitler a resounding defeat!


Europe 1944

Allied command chose to stop the skid,

and send men to turn the tides of war.

Thus, thwart the little corporal’s bid

to force his rule on foreign shore.


Eisenhower ordered men to the fray,

called it Operation Overlord.

Historians know it as D-Day.

To Normandy’s shores, our forces poured.


Stormy weather kept them uncertain,

while Hitler’s troops were in the dark.

Then, weather broke, opened like a curtain,

Allied troops would soon make their mark!


Prayers for the blessings of Almighty God

were on the lips of this gallant force.

Around them, chaos, while blood covered the sod,

but faith and God’s strength helped them stay the course!


This valiant group paid a terrible price,

but liberation forces pressed on,

as freedom was saved by their sacrifice…

These grand Patriots that we have known.


So, for these patriots, we thank the Lord,

for their faith and determination.

They struck a death blow to the tyrant’s horde,

a victory for civilization!


… they huddled in a landing craft,

coursing toward that cold and rocky shore.

Or, dropped from the sky behind the lines ‘fore dawn, 

June sixth nineteen forty-four!

© Ol’ Jim Cathey    


God bless each of you and God Bless America!

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