On The Back Porch

It has been a pretty hard November so far with the devastating fires in California, caravans arriving at our southern borders, elections and political unrest, and trying to save plants from freezing. There are enough problems to sort of get you feeling mighty low if you give in to it. But, I’m thankful that I can ask God to shoulder the load and give me the strength to go about life knowing that He has my back. And also to remember to say thank you for all the many blessings that He brings to fill our lives. I am sitting on the back porch listening to the birds tell about their busy day and I guess my mind must have wandered back to a more simple time many years ago. We didn’t have TV and it wasn’t time for the Lone Ranger to come on over the radio, so we were just sitting in the shade swapping yarns. It was October, maybe November, and we were caught up with cow work, so we took this opportunity to have a slow easy afternoon. Mom and the girls were rattling around in the kitchen getting supper ready, the milk cow was dry, the eggs had been gathered and we were just biding our time until chow was called. Willy allowed as how he was thankful that we had enjoyed a good rain recently and Jack said he figured the catfish were probably getting ready to eat every worm he could dig. My Ol’ Daddy said, “Boys, it’s coming on to Thanksgiving and we need to be thanking the Good Lord for His Blessings. The wars over, our folks come home safe, we had a good calf crop, and the banker is happy. And you know, we all got good health…we are mighty blessed!” Well, that cranked us all up and you know, Thanksgiving happened right then and there under that shade tree! Then Mom rang the chow bell and before you knew it we were rubbing our tummies in a most satisfied way and “HiYo Silver” was booming from the radio. That old familiar sound from yesteryear brought me out of my reverie and back to the Wren’s fussing about where they were to sleep tonight. And I immediately asked the Good Lord to bless us all as we face this busier complicated world.


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