Clean, rinse, please don’t repeat

Hangman, our good friend and purveyor of birthday manure, also does a great job as a consultant on home repairs and machine maintenance. He’s helped on a variety of projects with mostly good results. He’s helped build fences and cut down trees. He’s moved dead refrigerators for raised gardens. I absolutely love how he fixes plumbing. Sometimes though, in his eagerness to teach us something new he “gets plumb carried away.” The latest lesson on cleaning an A.C. window unit ended up with mixed results.

Once the door rested on the seat of my chair with the filter upon it we got down to the good stuff. He sprayed the coils and vanes with a can of flowerysmelling cleaner…lots and lots of flowers. The heavy spraying lead to the dripping of dirty solution from the A.C but we’d put a towel down on the floor. The towel had seen better days, and could be thrown out after we finished. No problem.

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