Constant companions?

My other half and I spend a lot of time together, so much so that my appearance without him in public causes raised eyebrows. Really folks, I can, and do drive and occasionally take off for the store or some other locale all by myself. This does not indicate something for anyone to be concerned about. Some times a woman just needs to be alone.

When I taught at the elementary school in Hearne (long, long ago), Hubby and I went to a nearby Chinese restaurant at least once a week. I went with a group of teachers for an early dinner before a Parents’ Night. As I passed through the door with my colleagues, one of the waitresses stopped us cold before assigning us a table. “Where you husban’?” she challenged. “He’s okay, he’s home today and I’m with friends,” I answered. “Nex’ time you bring him!” she demanded. Eek! It appears eating Chinese food without Art needed special permission. Sadly a year later the family moved back to China. We still miss those friendly folks and their fine buffet.


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