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Crumbs Of Time

It is estimated that today the life expectancy of an average American is about 78 years. When you figure all that up, that comes out to 937 months, 4080 weeks, and 28,564 days.

When we first think about it, that is a long time. But time has a way of getting away.

Job said in Job 14:1 "That man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble."

With all of this time that God gives to us, He wants us to use it wisely.

So our question is, Just how much of our time do we give to God? Do we give God an honest amount of our time, or do we just give Him the crumbs?

Maybe we just give Him the last minutes of our day before we go to sleep each night.

Daniel was a busy man. He held a high government position in the ancient kingdom of Babylon, and I'm sure he had a full schedule.

However, he had developed the habit of spending time with God, the Bible tells us, three times a day; praising God and giving Him thanks. (Daniel 6:10) This routine helped him develop a strong faith that did not waver when he faced persecution.

God desires a relationship with us. In the morning, we can invite Him into our day and then we can praise Him and ask for His help throughout the day.

At other times, we can treasure some time alone with Him and reflect on His faithfulness and His goodness and kindness to us.

God has given to each of us 24 hours in a day. Let's make sure that God is a part of that time and let's not just give Him the crumbs of our time.

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