The curse of reverse

Give me a friendly wave if you see me driving down the road. I consider myself a safe driver with no on-the- road accidents since 1977. However, if you see me backing up you’d best clear the area. I suffer from the “Curse of Reverse.”

My first backward boondoggle (as a teen) happened in my sister’s brand new Chevelle… with her in it. It looked like I’d clear the side of the garage door opening. Screeee! Crunch. Then deafening silence. She didn’t say a word, probably in shock. The car was a week old and I’d dented the fender. She insisted I finish pulling out and drive to the store. What a woman!

As a young mother I drove an Econoline van with standard transmission. We lived on a steep terraced hill, with a parking space at the top and the bottom of that hill. I swear when I parked the van in the upper space that day I left it in reverse and set the parking brake.


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