Don’t let the truth get in the way

The scene I am describing in this article seems to wear a lot of hats as we observe God’s awesome grandeur. 

We see His majestic beauty as it lingers and transforms into other scenes equally as beautiful. And we hear the sounds of nature quietly changing as the evening grows dim, We feel the solitude creeping among us as we watch the flickering fire over a steaming cup as we are made aware of our inner being. 

Then we begin to experience the camaraderie of old friends that are quietly reminiscing there beside you as your memories trail back to your youth, through earlier days and now at the sunset years. And you each one relish the magic of the moment that can only be realized among friends. 

Then, you begin to appreciate the realization that God had organized each moment of your lives to reveal this manifestation of memories among old friends, and you are blessed by His Glory! 

We were camped beside a great fishing lake for a few days. The fishing, as usual, was super! But the time we spent sitting in golden silence, sipping a steaming cup of campfire coffee watching the day transition to night and the night to relinquish the dark to early morn, was equal to the thrilling explosive strike of “that ol’ big’un!”   

My Ol’ Daddy always said,” A lot is bein’ said when a feller ain’t talkin’ Now, as they say at the bucking chute, “Take a deep seat an’ get a faraway look in yore eyes!” 

As you get comfortable, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, begin to feel the inner peace as you watch God direct Mother Nature as she performs her magic of  transforming time  as we know and understand.                                                                                                                                        A crimson glow in the western sky introduced a quiet and peaceful twilight. The wind had calmed, and the lake was still with a mirror finish. 

Three old pards had gathered to sit and reflect on the day in this wondrous solitude. They had kindled a campfire, so the flickering light would  amplify the natural beauty that developed as nightfall was moments away. 

A night heron winged its way to a reed pad for its nightly buffet while a symphonic melody was produced by a company of frogs with an occasional melodic note interjected by the resident bull frog. The birds completed their narration of the happenings of the day as a nearby haunting melody of a mournful coyote took its cue to say farewell to an early summer day. 

These three gents sat spellbound, soaking in the sounds left by a dying day as it ushered in the beginnings of a starlit night. The sounds only magnified the majesty of the moment, while each of these pards spoke their own “thank you” to the Good Lord for His provision. 

They knew that they were blessed to enjoy this opportunity time and time again, alone or with family and friends, yet they experienced a sorrow that so many in this world would never be allowed nor have the opportunity to be immersed in this timeless solitude. 

Again, they silently expressed their gratitude to God for the moment and for a friendship that had spanned these many years. And the time passed without a spoken word!


Golden Silence

The old cowboy sat

in the front porch shade,

with pards from long ago,

their thoughts often strayed.


Their rockin’ chairs creaked

on that wood plank floor,

as their memories

lived with them once more.


The daylight was endin,’

twilight would soon come.

They relished the silence

a bit more than some.


His pards, there with him,

shore ‘nuff understood.

An’ he swelled with pride,

 like anyone would.


They’d knowed one another,

pert near fifty years.

An’ they seemed to savvy

how time disappears.


They’d told all the stories,

some were true, an’ some…well,

‘Course, memory fades!

But they shore sounded swell.


Now they sat and rocked,

no talkin,’ just quiet,

watchin’ that sunset

bring on the twilight.


Time does get away!

No one says a thing,

tho, memories are there,

an’ to those, they will cling.


Each one was thankful

for blessings that they shared.

And for the friendships

that the Lord had prepared. 


So, they silently sat

as they sought God’s grace,

these crusty ol’ pards,

content in life’s race!

Ol’ Jim Cathey   


Take time to smell the roses, it helps you experience God’s Glory!

God bless each of you and God Bless America! 


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