This dripping faucet wants no plumber

All sorts of faucets at Home Place Farm, but the one concerning me today is smack in the center of my face. My nose just keeps dripping along with allergies. This year’s weather helps the allergens, not me. Life goes on despite the dripping, sniffing and itching.

Dressing for outdoor chores, I packed a pocket with paper towels, not tissues. I like to keep my grimy hands on the other side of something clean and strong and away from my nose. I applied bug spray, sneezed repeatedly and romped off to the gardens. By the time I got there I dug out the first towel and wiped my nose. Previously I got involved in rooting around in the soil and unthinkingly wiped my nose on my sleeve. Gross, I know. I got punished for that. The DEET-laden, sprayed clothing burned my delicate nose. Not to mention the agony if the eyes require wiping too. Paper towels rule.

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