Falls County spring time weather on display

It’s been said that Marlin is famous for its rumbling, crashing, echoing thunderstorms. And this year has been no exception. 

Our Falls County springtime has displayed. an astounding array of weather. which has had many old timers scratching their head to recollect a more spectacular spring season. 

We have certainly experienced a lion’s share of strong spring storms this year. And if my feeble mind has calculated anywhere near accurately, I have dumped better than thirty inches of rainwater out of my rain gauge just since April 1. And I don’t know how I have any branches left in the treetops because I have hauled off load after load! Practically all of my garden plants think they are flat on the ground plants because the battering winds have mercilessly battered them to a prostate position. And water, don’t even get me started. 

You see, when we bought this property in January of 1974, some 50 years ago, the thing that enthralled my young bride Stella and I was the back yard. Many years ago, probably in the 1920s and 30s, this area was a rock quarry/gravel pit. The house was built in 1939 on the ridge of the pit and as a result, our backyard is some twenty feet below our ground floor level. 

The fall of ’73 and January of ’74 were dry, as was this wild and unkempt area and that was so appealing to us. 

All we could see was a picnic table, barbeque, and lounge chairs that would allow us many leisure hours listening to pleasing night sounds from the creatures that lived in that wilderness. Standing water never entered our minds. 

An old-time neighbor and part time mentor jokingly told us that we now lived on Poverty Bluff and our house was on the low side. Which became apparent after that first spring thunderstorm let us witness torrents of water cascading down the street and across our front yard on its way to what we lovingly referred to as our “sunken recreation area. Which we watched fill up to about waist level in rainwater. And nearly every year this happens once or more, When our children were grade schoolers, they would use an old #10 double size wash tub as a boat to float the depths. 

When their children were about the same age, they also used the same “Boat” to cast off for shores unknown seeking their fortune! Of course, this was okay as long as they were home and dried off in time for supper. 

So, for 50 years we have had our own temporary lake from time to time, but it usually goes dry in about a week. However, when the rains keep coming, the gravel saturates with water and there is no outlet so this year the “lake” may stay around long enough to get a name. 

Since the bear pit remains high and dry, how does Bruin Lagoon sound? Well, we have recently been blessed with abundant rain and the back yard is full, the fireflies are blinking, the cicadas are tuning up, and the frog chorus and symphony is soon to begin. I guess it’s time to pull up a chair, break out the popcorn, and prepare for a relaxing evening…SLAP! Oh yeah, the pesky mosquitoes are partial to this time also!



 Springtime abounds with fresh new growth and pleasing blooms,

And the days bring pleasure  as Mother Nature grooms,

Plying the countryside with the bouquet’s sweet perfumes,

But erupting spring storms show that constant danger looms,

Striking swiftly and uncontrolled.


It came out of the northwest of early morn

Lightning clashing as if to forewarn

Of sounds of Giants, in a colossal mourn,

A raging storm buffeting with unbridled scorn

A terrible sight to behold.


‘Crost prairie land as far as one could see. 

That wind, just howling like a wild banshee

The clouds in the sky like waves on the sea

Flashes of streaky lightning seeking to be free.

A promise of disaster untold.


And the rain came in torrent sheets, to flood the earth,

Pouring rampant ‘crost the land as does tumbling surf,

With ripples and swirling whirpools gleeful mirth,

Groaning and shrieks, as if life was giving birth,

As it contorted and cajoled.


Great peals of thunder that invaded peaceful morn,

With rumbles and grumbles like earth being torn,

While revealing life’s scene as bleak and forlorn,

And the dark sky blotched as if weary and worn

An angry force not to be consoled.


It slashed and it gouged as it traveled its course,

To all in its way, without tears or remorse,

Rambling in full control, this tumultuous force,

Mother Nature’s ire it would tend to enforce.

Arrogant as onward it rolled.


Angry with its howling wind and torrential rain,

Slashing and battering the earth with pain,

Menacing hail stones crashing to earth with disdain,

Until rendering its onslaught as mundane,

Leaving the land, battered and cold.


And then a soothing calm come up on this land,

A serene quiet and peaceful scene soon made its stand,

Yes, a soft and gentle touch from God’s own hand,

And eternity knew that it was His brand

A rainbow in the sky gleamed bold.

Ol’ Jim Cathey   


Bring your own mosquito spray, it helps you experience God’s Glory in comfort

Consider joining us Sunday morning at First Baptist Church here in Marlin!

God bless each of you and God Bless America! 

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