Give your mother a hug and thank you

I recently had a need to call Oncor for a technician. This young man came, got the situation under control, and before he left, we visited. 

I found out that he was a new Christian, and he gave his Mother all the credit. He said that he was where he is today because of his Mother’s prayers. This conversation stirred memories that carried me back to yesteryear where I could remember so many times when our Mother spent time asking the Lord to help get one or more of us out of a jam. I could also remember Grandmother’s praying for us. 

Still nothing really connected until after I was married and witnessed my young bride praying for our children. These prayers were not a onetime thing, sometimes they were several times throughout the day and that opened the floodgates of memories when my young bride and our Moms and Grandmothers and countless other Mothers found comfort when they enlisted the Lord’s help in the caregiving of their broods. 

A Mother’s prayer, how sweet the sound. I guess I would be preaching to the choir when I say that it is just human nature to take for granted all that a mother tends to do for her brood. We enjoy and … yes … expect our “Moms” to do the menial everyday tasks that keep a family operating. 

Yet, we also expect them to drop everything and give us their full attention the very minute that we have a particular need arise! They are comforter, counselor, healer, provider, and our rock! And it does not matter that they are worn an’ frazzled from a full day’s work, or that they may be sick or feeling bad, or pulled in several directions because of other needs You see, Mothers made our world. Mary brought us Jesus, our Savior. And others throughout history have brought children into this world that helped write history. 

Some of us just have memories, because our Moms are no longer with us, having gone to their reward in heaven with our Lord. But all Mothers, those gone on and those still here has shaped our destiny through their prayers. They are the very backbone of our universe. A void, caused by their absence or incapacity, leaves each of us cold, scared, and helpless because we expect them to do it all! Mothers are extremely important and without their prayers, I am afraid the world would be in a bigger mess than we find it today. 

So, let us try this if you can, give this special lady a hug and a smile or even a little peck on the cheek, then tell her thanks and ask her if you could carry part of her load. You will not believe the warmth of her smile or the bright twinkle in her eye that occurs when you do that tiny little bit! A box of candy or some flowers will get you more mileage than you will ever need! And then add your prayer to hers and give thanks to the Lord for all Mothers.

This Mother’s Day weekend, my Cowboy Poetry Pard, J.C. (Gary) Penney and Ol’ Jim Cathey will perform at the Salado Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Salado, TX on Saturday May 7th. There will be performances Saturday, starting about 9:00 and there is no charge for the Saturday daytime shows.


She Knelt to Pray

A Mother’s prayer, how sweet the sound,

As she talks with God this day,

It is just a step that she has found,

That helps to smooth our way.


God makes a Mother’s love flawless,

And places a child in her care,

And in the Lord, she finds solace,

Kneeling to lift her child in prayer.


You see within her, is the power,

From a rainbow colors birth,

That tint the petals of the flower,

Giving purest love found on earth.


Her heart naught but a deep abyss,

To hold her child close forever,

And be quick with sweet caress,

In each and every endeavor.


How can you see, how can you know,

Her strength does yet stand alone,

Within her eyes you see its glow,

The sweetest love that man has known.


Forgiveness embraces a Mother’s love,

Throughout, both simple and serene,

Inherent grace from God above,

Quick to wipe every slate clean,

She kneels in the silence of this place,

To ask the Lord in fervent prayer,

To flood her child with His good Grace,

That her child might receive His care.


And with the wisdom that He imparts,

To guide this child through evil strife,

Place charity and kindness in their heart,

To bring peace and joy as part of life.


Help them seek the will of our Lord,

Through Jesus love, so meek and mild,

Mercy and grace from God implored,

This, a mother prays for her child.


A Mother’s prayer, how sweet the sound,

As she talks with God this day,

It is just a step that she has found,

That helps to smooth our way.

© Ol’ Jim Cathey 

Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless all Mothers!










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