Here we cold again

Why is it the weather report on the Weather Channel doesn’t seem to match the report on Channel 10 and neither of them are in sync with Channel 25? In the planning for the cold on Home Place I guess the best bet is to gamble on Channel 6, which seems to have the worst predictions when it comes to freezing temps. Better be prepared, so to speak.

The predictions for this week appeared to be apalling. Time for cold weather chores once again. This cold snap I promised not to leave laundry in the washer on the porch. It did remain fresh after three days when I strolled by the washer and remembered the clothes waiting for the dryer. Fresh, but a rock-hard frozen laundry bagel arranged around the agitator. Much yanking and pulling to seperate the items. I supposed they might have dried faster if I’d brought them into the house to thaw, but into the dryer they went. We really needed those clothes, you see.

The critters need both hay and extra feed when the weather turns cold. After Art hayed their pen, he fed whole corn to the ducks and chickens the first night of the freeze. The digestion keeps them warm at night, and dollops of warm mash made from oatmeal, chicken feed and kitchen scraps was my department. Hubby thinks the mixture I concoct is nauseating to behold. Toting a gallon bucket of warm food I headed for the chi-duckens.


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