It’s been said Texas is a whole other state of mind

On the Back Porch

You see … I ‘spect there is a wee bit o Irish in a lot of us and a right smart in some. But there is not a doubt in my mind that there is a passel of folks that stand straight an’ tall when Texas comes to mind. After all, it has been said, “Texas is a whole ‘nother state of mind!”

Without fail, when folk think about the heroes of the “Alamo” and the “Rose of San Antone” or all of the many icons made famous from the Lone Star State, a Texans heart swells with pride. An’ their Heart gets as big as Texas when they hear Earnest Tubb sing “Waltzin’ Across Texas!”

The history of Texas becomes a story that spreads in every direction. A great story unfolds that includes pre-historic Texas and tales of a pristine wilderness that was transformed into a settled Republic that would claim a prominent position as a premier state in the greatest country in the world. During this period of development, the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, Texas, The Confederate States, and The United States ruled over Texas. Thus, the phrase, “Six Flags over Texas.”

One hundred eighty-four years ago on March 2, 1836, Texas declared its Independence from Mexico and created the Republic of Texas. Sam Houston celebrated his birthday by joining 58 other patriots as they signed the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico which was later adopted by the 1836 Convention at Washington-onthe-Brazos. Then, nine years later in 1845, the Republic of Texas joined the United States to become the 28th state.

Today, Texas has the distinction of being able to fly the “Lone Star Flag’ side by side at the same height of “Old Glory” the U.S. Flag. The colors are the same, red, white, and blue representing bravery, purity, and loyalty.

This poem honors the Lone Star Flag.

Brave, Pure, and Loyal

A wild terrain that Indians could love

Suited others that came as well

Some with the blessing of God up above

An’ some that rode the owlhoot trail

The Spaniard, 1519, came seeking land

Harsh conditions made them withdraw

But their flag was the first to fly and to stand

But to stay, they couldn’t come to taw

The Frenchman, LaSalle, made an effort to stay

That attempt was mighty rough

So the flag of France soon became passe

The Indians were just too tough

Mexico won independence from Spain

Their banner flew over the land

But was destined to fall to Texian campaign

With Sam Houston in command

Then a banner of blue with a golden star

The Burnet banner of ‘36

Was the national standard carried to war

An’ proudly she flew o’er the mix

But soon a new design made all Texans brag

The Republic stood tall an’ proud

Through the red, white, and blue of the Lone Star Flag

As brave, pure, and loyal rang loud

She became the 28th state of a young U.S.A.

In the year eighteen fortyfive,

But civil unrest was leading the way

Texas intent was to survive!

The Confederate Flag raised to the mast

Her young men went off to war

She struggled an’ fought as in the past

Her dignity to restore

In eighteen sixty-five the Stars an’ Stripes flies

As ragged patriots came home

To rekindle the spirit of family ties

An’ squelch the urge to roam

Through time an’ toil, an’ trouble Texans stand proud,

A state of diversity,

Brave an’ stout hearted, its people endowed

Thru God’s grace they will be free

First a Republic, then the Lone Star State

As denoted by their flag

Texans just had to develop this trait

It’s true…they are known to brag

An’ thus, Texas Hist’ry claims six flags flew

But the most famous you will find

A Lone Star with a field of red, white, an’ blue

‘Cuz Texas is a state of mind!

Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.

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