Jesus is the Tree of Life

One of my early childhood memories is swinging in a swing made by tying one end of a heavy well rope to an old car tire casing and the other end to a massive limb of a Live Oak tree that to an awe inspired mind of a young sprout had to have been there back before Methuselah was a pup! 

Yes, I know that to a young child, things do appear bigger than they may actually be, but I am telling you that even Goliath, the Philistine giant that David felled with a well-placed shot from a slingshot, would have exclaimed, “That ol’ tree is huge!”  

I was spellbound at the sight of that tree and would later be amazed to learn that at one time many years back in history that it had been nought but a tiny oak acorn that God used to sprout and grow into this mighty tree. Now this tree, which is now seventy plus years older, still stands as magnificently as it did when I was just a button, ears attuned to the sound of my mother’s voice calling just at dusky dark to come up from the creek for supper time. 

I probably give that ol’ tree a pat as I ran by on the way to wash my hands at the outside wash stand then see what magic Mom might dish up. I realized that this tree was an example of God’s magnificent handiwork and my thoughts wondered just what was God’s plan for this tree that obviously had stood and weathered the ravages of time. 

The Bible speaks of the “Tree of Life” several times but direct reference is made in Genesis 2:9 that describes two trees in the Garden of Eden, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” The tree of life is again mentioned in Proverbs 3:13–18, John 14:6, 1 John 5:20, and finally in Revelation 2:7. 

These references point toward Jesus being the tree of life. Charles Spurgeon, one of the great preachers from the 1800s, proclaimed that Jesus was the tree of life. He said, “We believe our Lord Jesus Christ to be none other than the Tree of Life.” 

Others have said that the Tree of Life represents the fullness of eternal life, as found in John 14:6 You see, The Tree of Life is not just a symbol that represents immortality, it is also a promise that  one day God will make everything right again. 


The Sentinel

It towered above the landscape, this glorious tree of life,

Oh, the fine stories it could tell,

A marker placed to record victories and strife,

And with God’s blessings to dwell.


There was a time when it wasn’t there

Just a barren hill in its place,

But come it would, a grand affair,

As a part of God’s good grace


Its home spanned the years of time gone by,

Before ary man roamed this land, 

But soon before worldly things might go awry,

Staunchly  took root, an’ made its stand.


Anchored there at rocky canyon’s edge to absorb,

 Relentless winds and pounding rain,

Freezing days an’ heat from that shining orb

Nature can be harsh in the main.


And through it all, a bird dropped its acorn upon this land,

To nestle in soil, sprout, and grow,

Unaware that for ages in this place it would stand,

Yes, it got its start long ago.


But seasons would come an’ go as time seems to do,

 While nature held true to its will

This stalwart sapling became a mighty tree as if on queue,

To take its stand upon that hill.


And there, to view God’s creation in weather fair an’ foul,

Spring time awakens all anew,

From craggy mountain peak to fertile valley’s bowel,

With stormy skies an’ morning dew.


Now the lengthening days turn into summer heat,

To clothe the Sentinel in its stand,

Where its ripening fruit comes forth with nature’s treat,

For creatures upon this land.


Autumn finds it standing where the seed sprouted long ago,

This sentinel placed here by God’s decree,

Throughout the year God’s majestic glory to show,

A sentinel for you and for me..


See, God created that majestic tree for a reason,

It shall perform without fail,

Yes, it has purpose throughout the season,

Guiding your path, marking your trail.


And through the ages stood as landmark to one and all,

A staunch respite to those in need,

Throughout the seasons to creatures large and small,

A refuge placed to intercede.


This majestic sentinel, ‘til the winter of our days,

With competing vic’trys and strife,

As God’s loving grace shaped and guided our ways

Using  this majestic tree of life!

  ©  Ol’ Jim Cathey     


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